Data Analytics

Turn data into action.

Data isn’t the key. Your ability to interpret it is. Run a leaner business and choose more effective strategies with the power of data analytics.

Unlock simple, powerful insights.

See what’s getting attention but failing to convert, or understand where potential customers are dropping out of the funnel — whether you run a clinic or an online shop, our analytics reveal what balance sheets and customer reviews won’t tell you.

Certified on the world’s top data platforms.

Online. Even offline. Our certified experts can help you store and process your data with the same tools that power organizations like Wayfair and the MLB.

See how data can empower your business.

More Efficient Marketing

Ads, emails, social posts — understand what each one is doing for your lead flow.

Leaner Business Operations

Are you overstaffing or offering too many products and services? Data can tell you.

Better Lead Quality

Don’t just count leads. Use data to check their quality and track changes over time.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Feedback isn’t always direct. Monitor customer behaviour and see what excites them.

Clearer Competitor Awareness

Get an edge in the battle for customer visibility and learn where you’re falling short.

Proactive Long-term Planning

Keep your strategies a step ahead of behaviour changes tied to seasons and occasions.

Have a specific data requirement you’re wondering about?

Discover how we make big data accessible.

No cookie-cutter
metrics, ever

With us, there are no one-size-fits-all reports. We set up your tracking based on the data your business generates and the insights you need, not the requirements of “most businesses”.

Data recorded from
(almost) anywhere.

Want to see how online changes affect what happens in store? Wondering if your booking plugin is impacting sign up rates? Thanks to BigQuery, we can help you measure activity from nearly any source.

reports, gone.

Hard-to-read reports don’t get read. And reports that don’t get read don’t help anyone. We replace mind-numbing tables with easy-to-understand highlights that get straight to the point.

Expert-led setup

All great setups come with instructions. Ours are no exception. Once your setup is complete, you’ll get a personalized walkthrough explaining all the whats, whys, and hows behind it all.

Long-term data

Many business tools and platforms only store months of data by default. Using secure, cloud data warehousing, we extend that, letting you draw on years of data instead of just weeks.
Tier 1

Make your data reliable.

Double tracking? Not tracking at all? You need reliable data to make sound decisions, and our audits make sure you only work with numbers you can trust.
Each audit checks for:
Accurate Data Filtering
Duplicate Tracking
Missing Data Streams
Reliable Event Recording
Structural Data Collection Errors
Tier 2

Start tracking what matters.

Don’t let data overwhelm you. Define what matters most, then get specific data on how those areas are performing and what’s contributing to their success.
Tracking setup includes:
Existing Data Reliability Assessment
New Data Collection Setup
Conversion Tracking for Forms, Calls, Purchases, and More
Centralized GA4 Report Setup
Expert-led Report Usage Walkthrough
Tier 3

Turn numbers into action.

Instantly identify to-do items with intuitive data visualizations. See where customers come from, how they behave, and where you can increase your margins.
Actionable dashboards bring you:
Time-saving Unified Performance Reporting
Automatic MoM & YoY Comparisons for KPIs
At-a-glance ROI on Individual Marketing Activities
Customer Journey Mapping Across All Channels
Attribution Modeling Detailing Each Channel’s Impact

What do our clients say?

Making promises is easy, delivering on them is harder, and doing it consistently is a rare feat indeed. So where do we stand? We’ll let our clients tell you.

Consistent results.

What makes a great recipe? Consistently excellent results. Getting it right once could be luck. Delivering time after time — that’s the hallmark of a proven process.

Get an edge over your competitors with data analytics.

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