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We boosted their conversion rate by 200%. All while lowering their cost per lead by nearly 40%.


They have excellent fire pits. They needed better ads.

Sometimes, quality alone isn’t enough. Solus Decor makes high quality fire pits and water features that grace some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and ritzy corporate headquarters. Despite that, their ad campaigns weren’t bringing in enough leads.

The Problem

Low Conversion Rates
Solus Decor was facing historically low conversion rates in their paid ad campaigns despite refreshing their ad content. They knew they had great products — it was the final step of earning a sale where they were coming up short. Together, we set a goal of increasing their conversion rate by 20% quarter over quarter. Going into the project, there was a lot to unpack - from tracking to conversions, there were plenty of question marks, and those would all be compounded by Solus’ global, multi-language operations. The target was ambitious, but - like Solus - we were confident that their product quality would win out in the end.

The Solution

Better Targeting, Differentiation, and User Experience
Diving deep into Solus Decor's website analytics, we uncovered a high page drop-off rate and short average time on site. To combat this, we embarked on a comprehensive solution. Firstly, we revitalized our targeting strategy, ensuring that we engaged the right audience with relevant messaging. Next, we breathed new life into ad creatives, capturing attention and generating interest through multiple awareness channels and placements. To skyrocket conversion rates, we meticulously crafted user-friendly and converting landing pages. By combining refined targeting, compelling creatives, and optimized user experience, we propelled Solus Decor's campaigns to new heights, maximizing engagement and driving tangible results.

The Results

Helping Them Spend Less To Sell More
With our refined targeting, refreshed creatives, and converting landing pages, the impact on Solus Decor's ad campaigns was nothing short of extraordinary. They saw a staggering year-over-year increase in their campaign conversion rate of 189%. This surge in conversion rate brought about a substantial 97% increase in leads generated through advertising campaigns. Not only did the conversion rate soar, but the cost efficiency also improved significantly, with a notable 39% decrease in the cost per lead. It took significant changes to Solus Decor’s website and ad campaigns to make all of those gains possible — but in the end — they had no regrets about following our approach.
Cost Per Lead
Conversion Rate

A note from the client.

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Brad Carpenter

Solus Decor

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