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We are a diverse, experienced team of marketers, bloggers, designers and conversion specialists.

Your Digital Marketing Team
Founded in 2010, ElementIQ is a digital marketing agency based out of Coquitlam, BC.
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We help you determine which elements are best to increase your website traffic, generate more leads, and grow your business.

Just reach out.

We work with small-to-medium sized businesses across North America.

They’re in industries like dentistry, real estate development, personal care, professional services, and e-commerce.
We help businesses like yours overcome growth challenges by becoming a natural extension of your marketing initiatives. Your success is our success. Your bottom line is our bottom line.

Meet the Team

Samuel A

In today's crowded marketplace, even a brilliant solution can't thrive without a vision and plan behind it. As Chief Digital Strategist, I'm your navigator on the ocean of opportunity, helping you avoid marketing's pitfalls while charting a course for your business to achieve sustainable success.

Samuel Araki

Chief Digital Strategist / Founder

Julia H

Many businesses have a great product or a great service but struggle to get new customers or leads coming into their sales pipeline. I work with companies to put together data-driven marketing campaigns that creatively engage and educate your audience. Bringing in higher quality leads so that you can focus on the core of your business and grow your business year over year.

Julia Hilton

Business Development

Vikram S

How can we get more customers? Should we invest in Yelp ads? Should we be posting on Instagram every day? How do I know what is working? Many businesses struggle with such questions. As a data-driven account manager, I help businesses run effective digital marketing campaigns that generate measurable results. When they work with me, marketing becomes one less thing to worry about.

Vikram Shivahare

Account Manager

Robert S

As businesses continue to grow and evolve online it’s always important to nurture client relations. Through this we can help solve clients problems and generate new creative ideas. Being the middleman between what a businesses pain points are and reflecting on ideas that generate solutions is where I come in play.

Robert Sparling

Account Manager

Andrea A

Each project is unique but a solid framework is required for our team and our clients to work together efficiently. I am here to remove blockers, increase clarity, speed up processes and deliver successful projects on time.

Andrea Amaral

Project Manager

Lincoln C

Lots of business owners wonder why their competitors outrank them on Google. I help them find opportunities for their website to get more exposure, traffic and conversions, ultimately boosting sales and revenue.

Lincoln Chan

SEO Specialist

Carlos O

Businesses don’t understand the real value of growing and engaging with communities. Communities are not only for selling your products or services, they are a space where people share valuable resources and have conversations. At ElementIQ I help businesses grow their communities on social media while telling their story.

Carlos Ortiz

Social Paid Specialist

Joseph L

A website is the backbone of every brand and there's nothing more frustrating than a website that doesn't work. We provide the peace of mind to business owners so that you can focus on growing your business.

Joseph Lee

Website Specialist

Gregory M

Many companies spend a majority of their budget on getting a customer’s attention in the first place. We solidify your company’s story through strong and consistent visuals converting customers into an audience who value you and will happily give you their time and attention.

Gregory Ma

Graphic Designer

Brendan C

Before parting with their hard-earned cash, customers need to understand who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. I shape content into the voice of your brand - a voice that sets your business apart, establishes the value you provide, and turns potential interest into paying customers.

Brendan Cheong

Content Specialist

Brian C

Your website has to do a lot. You need it to look great, be compelling, and tell your story - all while capturing data that helps your business improve. With a dash of flair and a splash of functionality, I make that happen, transforming your website into the ultimate tool for customer engagement.

Brian Chiang

Website Developer

Karmen C

Every business has a story worth sharing but many clients struggle with conveying this online. My job is to create compelling, unique content that helps companies narrate their purpose, share services, connect with potential leads and rank for their products online.

Karmen Clark


Josh S

Many businesses have trouble finding their audience on social media, I highlight what makes brands special to each social media channel so they can build a loyal audience that becomes advocates for your business.

Josh Shewfelt

Social Media Coordinator

Geoff D

Sales happen when the right solution meets the right person at the right time. But as every businessperson knows, that's easier said than done. With digital advertising, I use demographics and interest data to take the guesswork out of selling, aligning your solutions with the people who need them.

Geoff Dyck

Paid Search Specialist
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Your Digital Marketing Team.
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Your Digital Marketing Team.
© 2021 ElementIQ All Rights Reserved
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