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Terrace Beach Resort

1,800 quality leads. Sold-out status in just 3 months.


Repositioning vintage island cabins as luxury real estate.

Originally established as the Roots Lodge in 1999, Terrace Beach Resort on Vancouver Island underwent a significant transformation in the summer of 2020. Acquired by Island Creek Developments, the property was reimagined to feature 24 uniquely designed units available for sale, targeting potential owners seeking luxury real estate. This case study highlights the strategic marketing efforts that propelled Terrace Beach Resort's repositioning and speedy unit sales.

The Problem

Meet a 3-Month Sales Deadline of 24 Niche Luxury Properties
Our task was to sell all 24 units of Terrace Beach Resort within a three-month timeframe...while starting essentially from scratch. They didn’t have a website. There were no social media profiles. And they needed all of their ad campaigns to be built from the ground up. Even the location was a challenge: its remote placement created accessibility hurdles that would require extra-creative advertising solutions to assuage potential buyers and achieve our client's ambitious goal.

The Solution

Effective Digital Advertising and Strategic Lead Generation
Our solution for Terrace Beach Resort hinged on a powerful combination of digital advertising, email marketing, social media content, and a revamped website. However, the key driver of lead generation was our meticulously crafted social media ad campaigns. Through intensive A/B testing of interest-based audiences and creative messaging, we were able to optimize our campaigns to reach the kind of people who’d always dreamed of owning an island cabin retreat. This targeted approach meant that Terrace Beach Resort’s sales team received a steady stream of inquiries from people who weren’t just looking to find out more, but were ready to buy.

The Results

Exceeding Expectations and Complete Sales Success
The results achieved for Terrace Beach Resort surpassed all expectations. In just three months, our combined marketing efforts generated over 1,800 leads, far surpassing the initial goal of 300. The entire development of 24 units was sold out, leaving our client thrilled with the outcome. With 1,815 tracked leads on the website and 194,000 views during this period, our strategic campaigns delivered unprecedented success, our campaigns brought Terrace Beach Resort the visibility — and buyers — they’d been looking for.
Actual Results
Luxury Real Estate Units in 3 Months

A note from the client.

“This company is highly responsive, competent, willing to go the extra mile and brings results. I would highly recommend this digital marketing group to anyone looking to take their business, development or project to the next level. They are easy to work with available on phone, email and text at a moments notice and have every professional in house that a digital online company needs to have in today's fast paced world. Thank you for being a group that can be counted on.”

Sean Mclintock

Sean McLintock & Associates

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