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LA Dental Clinic

We rebuilt their patient pipeline. 71% more patients. Hundreds of thousands more in yearly revenue.


Helping two Los Angeles dentists find their limelight.

Owned and operated by the Nasiry sisters, Dr. Azezoo Nasiry and Dr. Azy Nasiry, LA Dental Clinic earns millions in annual patient revenue. But it wasn’t always that way — in one of the world’s most densely-populated, image-centric cities, competition for patients is fierce, and their early days were tough. With us, that finally changed.

The Problem

Weak Online Presence and Limited Visibility
LA Dental Clinic faced the challenges of a weak online presence, an ineffective and low converting website, low visitor count with high bounce rates, and difficulty being found via online search. These issues hindered their ability to connect with their target audience and limited their visibility in the digital realm. To achieve their growth objectives, their entire paid advertising funnel was revised and relaunched.

The Solution

Positioning, Messaging, & Enhanced Awareness
Our solution for LA Dental Clinic encompassed three crucial pillars: positioning, messaging, and enhanced online presence. We focused on clarifying their positioning across all touchpoints and delivering compelling messaging through a combination of display and video network ads and targeted social channels. In parallel, we revamped their website, creating a more user-friendly and conversion-oriented platform. This comprehensive approach successfully positioned LA Dental Clinic as a leader in exceptional dental care, amplified their brand awareness, and improved their online visibility, driving significant growth and engagement.

The Results

Impressive Growth in Conversion, New Patients, and Revenue
Through our strategic initiatives, LA Dental Clinic achieved remarkable results. We witnessed a remarkable 148% increase in conversion rate, leading to a substantial 71% boost in new patients. This surge in patient acquisition, in turn, drove a significant 64% increase in year-over-year revenue. These impressive outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of our tailored solutions in driving exceptional growth and success for LA Dental Clinic.
New Patients
Conversion Rate

A note from the client.

“My company has been working with ElementIQ for several years and I am so glad to have found them. Every person on their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and ready to help with new ideas. They have helped us improve our online exposure with our website, social media and marketing campaigns and we have seen the results with a measurable increase in new business month to month and year to year. I never hesitate to recommend ElementIQ.”

Dr. Azy Nasiry

LA Dental Clinic

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