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They were struggling to get leads. We helped them get 50% more in just 4 months.


Being established doesn’t mean being easy to find.

Founded in 1967, Hillcrest Plumbing has been serving Vancouver residents for decades. But when they approached us, they were having a hard time bringing in quality leads and turning them into plumbing appointments. They saw how visible other local plumbers were online and realized that Hillcrest Plumbing needed to compete in the same places.

The Problem

Brand Confusion and Lost Online Visibility
Not being visible and distinct enough online meant that Hillcrest Plumbing was losing service calls to a similarly-named competitor. When people searched for “Hillcrest Plumbing”, they’d often end up seeing — and visiting — the competitor’s website instead. Not only was that costing them business in the short term, but it was also gradually eroding their brand equity in the long term.

The Solution

Brand Differentiation and Strategic Promotion
To address the challenge, we focused on reinvigorating Hillcrest Plumbing’s online standing as a brand. They needed to be distinct, so we leaned into their storied local history and made “Uncle Bill” a bigger part of their identity. From there, it was all about getting the word out. We created a bold, eye-catching style for the brand. We optimized their website to better compete for branded terms. And we used carefully crafted brand awareness campaigns to make sure that “Uncle Bill’s” Hillcrest Plumbing became a name that locals were familiar with.

The Results

Elevated Brand Ranking and Increased Lead Flow
Our strategic approach for Hillcrest Plumbing delivered outstanding results. With a 30% year-over-year increase in brand ranking, we propelled our client to the coveted #1 position for 'Hillcrest Plumbing' within just four months. The campaign optimization yielded remarkable performance metrics, including an 89% increase in conversion rate, a notable 52% rise in leads generated, and an impressive 61% boost in click-through rate. These achievements reflect the effectiveness of our tailored strategies in enhancing brand visibility, driving conversions, and fueling substantial growth for the longstanding plumbing company.
Click Through Rate
Conversion Rate

A note from the client.

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