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Dear Friends,

Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, countless people – friends, family, work colleagues – have asked how I feel. The one word that came to mind over and over again was "weird". We're used to having so much certainty in our lives: going to work, taking vacations, sending our kids to school - even the simple pleasures we've enjoyed of going out to a restaurant for dinner. Now our certainty is based on self-isolation.

This is a difficult time, but as easy as it might be to panic, it's a time to come together, to focus on all the positives in our lives, and uplift those who are experiencing despair or loneliness. Now is a time where we can support one another personally and in business.
Looking Out for ElementIQ Employees
As a service-based company, ElementIQ serves its clients - but we wouldn't be able to serve anyone if it wasn't for the tremendous contributions and commitment of our team members. I am grateful for them, and their steadfast willingness to always lengthen their stride in service of our wonderful clients. Our entire team is working remotely in self-isolated settings, and their health and well-being are my #1 concerns as a small-business owner.
Serving Our Clients and Businesses in the Community
Businesses have an opportunity to Pivot. To Pivot is to discover new opportunity within the business. What can happen, how can it happen - now and in the near future - are question marks that can be answered. And the time to answer those questions is now.
As a small-business owner, you cannot afford to wait until the uncertain becomes certain. As you protect the integrity of your business today, you also need to Pivot to quickly understand how it can change in the current climate. Look further below and you’ll see that’s precisely what we’re helping businesses do: Pivot to respond to new consumer behaviours and new economic realities.
Our team can help. It all starts with a simple conversation. Contact me directly by submitting the form below.
I want to thank each of you who have reached out to us. It's incumbent on us to support one another through this. Thank you for your business, and thank you for your support and patience with our team in some desperate situations.
Samuel Araki | CEO, ElementIQ

Examples Of Clients From Different Industries Who We Are Helping

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Emergency Appointment Page

LA Dental Clinic

While all non-urgent care appointments have had to be postponed until further notice, the dentists at this clinic, out of goodwill, have volunteered to be available for emergency cases. They have opened a telemedicine account on for virtual consultations to pre-screen patients. This is to ensure that they are only making arrangements to see real emergencies, while providing advice or prescriptions that can help non-emergency cases to find comfort while they wait for the clinic to open.
Long-term benefit
An increasing number of new patients are consulting the clinic because their own dentists aren’t available or they don’t have a regular dentist. By adding new patients to the LA Dental Clinic patient management system, we’ll be able to include them on the clinic’s email marketing list and increase our chances of securing their long-term loyalty.

Lombardo's Pizza

Since dine-in service is temporarily unavailable, the business has had to completely focus on takeout and home delivery options. Apart from ensuring that they’re added to the list of restaurants available on food-delivery apps, we also rapidly developed an online ordering system for their website within 3 days, and it’s been consistently generating orders ever since.
Long-term benefit
Self-managing food delivery is more profitable for the restaurant than sharing revenue or fees with food delivery partners. The online ordering system on their website will continue to benefit them long after the business restrictions are lifted.
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Online Order Integration
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Emergency Appointment Page

Hillcrest Plumbing

Customers aren’t allowed in the showroom, but business is continuing since plumbing is classified as an essential service. By providing curb-side pick-up options for parts and on-call service for repairs, the business is continuing to generate revenue during this crisis. With a clearly articulated safety policy for clients and staff, and a strong overall communications strategy, the business is better positioned to win the trust of customers compared to competitors who haven’t created a similar policy and made it clearly accessible.
Long-term benefit
Not only are their current customers continuing to call them, but customers who may have been loyal to other plumbing companies are now calling our client. Despite a decrease in overall business volume, Hillcrest Plumbing is growing its market share.

Adanac Roofing

With operations suspended due to the province-wide lockdown, we coordinated with Adanac Roofing to roll out a new campaign focused on getting homeowners to register for a free, no-obligation, remote aerial roofing quote. They also gave us the green light to update key areas of their website, like the home page, residential roofing page, and strata roofing page, with new visuals and content.
Long-term benefit
The efforts to engage with customers during the lockdown with contactless inspections meant that Adanac had a very healthy pipeline of leads ready to be serviced as soon as the lockdown ended. And thanks to their refreshed website, they were able to attract lucrative strata roofing projects that provided a significant bump to their bottom line revenues.
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