Turner & Porter

Find out how ElementIQ brought new life to a broken, outdated website for this Canadian funeral home. .

Turner & Porter provides affordable cremation options for Canadians.

This locally owned and operated establishment is committed to providing simple, flexible, and meaningful choices to families. They make cremation a straightforward process for families during difficult times.

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The Goal

Turner & Porter wanted to make the process of booking cremation and funeral services as easy as possible. The last thing a grieving client needs is the website crashing while trying to book or plan cremation services. The goal was to create a fresh, new look for the website with easy navigation and the ability for clients to purchase online.

The Problems

When Turner & Porter came to ElementIQ, their website was non-functional. The contact page was broken which made it impossible for clients to book with them.

The site was filled with 404 errors and missing pages, making basic navigation difficult. At 7 years old, the website was well overdue for a new look. Our team was committed to re-building the platform from scratch.

The Solution:

We completely redesigned their website from top to bottom. With the help of our graphic designers, UX/UI team, web developers and content specialists we gave Turner & Porter a brand new fresh look, feel, and design for their website.
Custom Graphics & Graphics
Online Booking
Website Repair and Clean Navigation

New Imagery and Graphics

The images on the old website were blurry and dated. Imagery plays such a powerful role in establishing trust and setting the tone for your entire website. Our team replaced all of the images on the site with colours and visuals that would create a calming experience for clients of Turner & Porter.

Soft blues, greens and imagery of nature replaced the blurry stock photos from the old website. This created a much more personal and soothing experience for those browsing online. The site appeared welcoming and serene.

Online Booking

The new Turner & Porter website features complete online booking functionality. This creates an easy, stress-free experience for the user. Clients do not need to worry about having to call, meet or email Turner & Porter directly, instead they are able to book cremation services from the comfort of their own homes.

This modern feature provides ease of use for site users, in a time of high-stress and grief, it gives clients one less thing to worry about.

Website Repair and Clean Navigation

When we first received the Turner & Porter website, there were many broken pages and links that led to 404 errors. Our development team was able to completely rebuild the website and correct the problems in the backend code.

The result was a smooth, clean user experience with easy navigation for the end user. Many of the old non-functional pages were removed completely which created a more streamlined experience for clients.

The Results:

Our team created a brand new website for Turner & Porter. The end result checked all of our clients boxes, the new website is modern, easy to navigate and facilitates online booking to provide a peaceful online experience.
Turner & Porter was very happy with the new design. They were involved in the process and shared their feedback throughout many different iterations of the website. The end result is perfect, beyond their original expectations.

The team at ElementIQ is proud to be able to make such a difficult time for the clients of Turner & Porter a little less stressful with the help of a modern, beautiful new website.

- The Turner & Porter Team

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