The United Church of Canada

The United Church of Canada welcomes thousands of people each year to their fellowship. They needed a website that could offer an accessible experience for all.

The United Church of Canada is the largest Protestant denomination within Canada.

They minister to over 2 million people and are an integral part of Canada's history. An old, outdated website was holding them back from growth and the team at ElementIQ set out to make it accessible and easy to understand for their many online users.

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The Problems

  • Outdated sections of the website
  • Lacking digital clarity
  • Poor user experience

The Goal

UCC came to us for help in providing real answers to their pension and benefits centre website problem. It was old and outdated with cluttered content that was difficult for readers to understand. They were tired of members and workers calling in for questions to be answered and wanted our team to provide a website that had all those answers for them.

The Solution:

Our team created a brand new website that gave clarity to any questions members and employees had. Everything they needed was all in one place.
Website Upgrade
Bi-Lingual Content
Visual Direction

Website Upgrade

Our team re-designed two large portions of the UCC website. We brought clarity to the pension and benefits areas and created an FAQ section to help answer questions and prevent future confusion. We added new content in a clear and minimal framework to make these sections of the site easy to navigate and digest. Lastly, we set up proper tracking and optimized the pages for SEO.

Bi-Lingual Content

This was the first project that required multilingual content and our copywriting team was up for the challenge. With help from native speakers, our team was able to create two versions of the website, one in English and one for French speakers. Canada is a bi-lingual country and the UCC has members that speak both languages. We made the website accessible to both user types.

Visual Direction

The UCC appeals to a wide variety of users and they had specific design requests when it came to visuals. They asked that we avoid using any images of people, but still wanted to portray a sense of community. Our talented graphic designers created a custom silhouette design to be featured on their website. The images conveyed a sense of togetherness, in a more abstract way.

From February 2021 to October 2021

The Results

The results were evident immediately after our team finished work. The UCC stopped receiving calls from web users with questions and started seeing an increase in site traffic as a result of our work. Users had a much easier time navigating our clean, accessible new sections of the website.


Increase in event counts on the website


New users to the website 2 weeks after launching


The amount of views, users, &, unique scrolls
A Lasting Impact: Our team was honoured to assist UCC in leveling-up old sections of their website. With a blend of fresh content, new UX/UI layouts and custom images and typography, the team at ElementIQ has built a platform that will help UCC and its users for years to come. It was certainly a first for us, creating content in multiple languages, but it ultimately made the website more accessible for UCC users.

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