How we took the lead in a digital decluttering which led to a 120% increase in organic website traffic.

Client Story: Sometimes Less is More

Solus Decor specializes in designing and casting beautiful concrete products. They are locally based in Vancouver, BC but they are known worldwide. They have shipped to over 35 different countries and their products include custom firepits, fireplace surrounds, tiles and outdoor water features.

Solus Decor wanted to take their business to the next level and transform their digital image online. Despite their high-end services, Solus Decor had an old, underperforming website which was difficult for clients to navigate. They also did not clearly advertise all of their services, which include commercial as well as residential decor. This client wanted to elevate their brand in order to attract higher-quality leads.

Solus Decor initially came to ElementIQ with one priority goal – they wanted to generate more leads for their business. Our team dove right into this project and set out to create compelling ads in order to attract traffic for this luxury designer.

However, the partnership soon grew as a result of this hard work and extended into a complete digital transformation for Solus Decor.


1. Target Qualified Leads (PPC Advertising)

Initially, Solus Decor had low-quality leads and waning website traffic due to a cluttered, outdated site. They wanted to target more landscape architects and designers, especially on the paid search side. Our primary goal was to generate new, quality leads for Solus Decor.

2. Redesign the Old Website

The website was several years old and wasn’t built properly to accommodate Solus’ product line. It was large and cluttered and needed a new, modern look to capture the attention of a high-end target audience. The second goal for ElementIQ was a thorough website redesign which would subsequently help improve organic site traffic over time.

3. Showcase Commercial Services

This client wanted more commercial jobs and our team sought to bring commercial services front and centre on the website so leads could see it as an option. The old website had over 2000 pages, and only one of those pages showcased the commercial services which Solus Decor offers. Many of those pages had very little content and provided no value to visitors and potential customers.

What We Did

Our goal was initially to drive quality leads to Solus Decor and increase their conversion rate.

However, it soon grew into a project designed to declutter the website and better showcase commercial services.

First, we set out to drive leads to the new landing pages using PPC advertising. Previous agencies had recklessly spent their advertising budget and they were left with low returns. Our team put all of our efforts into attracting the quality leads Solus Decor needed. We set out to create streamlined, targeted ads that would appeal to the right audiences, and cut wasted spending.

In order to maximize the conversion rate, we created new landing pages, because initially, we were unable to change the Solus Decor website directly. Incoming leads could click in through an ad, learn about Solus Decor on the landing page and convert directly, without visiting the unorganized website.

Pay Per Click > Landing Page > Leads

The landing pages did an excellent job of converting quality leads for Solus Decor, they performed far better than the website.

The team at Solus was so impressed by this work that they requested a complete website redesign. ElementIQ was delighted to help and we took on the task of a complete website redesign.

1. PPC Advertising

We took a dual-pronged approach when it came to quality lead generation for Solus Decor. Our PPC Specialist and Social Media Manager used a blend of both Google and Facebook advertising to target their desired audience.

Facebook Display Ad Set
Facebook Display Ad Set

Facebook marketing was effective for targeting designers and architects based on their demographics and interests.

Additionally, we targeted potential leads through remarketing on Google by using the clients’ existing email lists in PPC campaigns to get in front of those that had visited the website recently. ElementIQ was able to generate higher volumes of quality leads as a result of this dual approach to digital advertising.

2. Website Redesign

Our priority with the website was to reduce the number of existing site pages available. This required work on the site architecture, in order to determine which pages to keep, and which to remove.

Solus Decor Product Menu
Solus Decor Products Page
Solus Decor Homepage

We enhanced the Solus Decor website with a modern look, new visual content, theme and a clear overall message.

In turn, we removed all of the unnecessary pages, which were competing against each other for organic web traffic and restructured their site architecture. This created a much more streamlined online experience for the user, who could now clearly navigate the website with ease.

In order to do this successfully, our SEO specialist took a deep dive into the existing website structure and determined the key pages with high traffic that could stay, as well as the underperforming pages that required removal. The website structure was re-organized accordingly.

3. Feature Commercial Services

A key goal for the website redesign was to showcase the commercial services page, which was previously buried in the maze of poorly organized site pages, and years of clutter. The new commercial services page was modern, elegant, and it was showcased front and center in the navigation on the website.

The page clearly outlined the many commercial clients Solus had worked with in the past,
to add to the credibility of their work and provide social proof for interested leads as soon as they reached the page. Clear paragraphs and lifestyle visuals to support content contributed to a page that was easy for prospective clients to read and understand. Organic traffic to the page skyrocketed as a result.

Solus Decor Product Menu
Solus Decor Homepage

The Results

Landing Page Conversion Data

The project with Solus Decor all started with our PPC advertising campaigns. The old website was not converting high numbers of leads and in order to create an effective ads campaign, ElementIQ created landing pages to retain more PPC leads. Here is the conversion data from our landing pages, when compared to the old Solus Decor website.

New Landing Page Conversion Results:
Old Website Conversions:

As you can see, the conversion rate nearly tripled with the help of the new landing pages designed by ElementIQ.

In the 5 month period displayed above, you can see in the data that the landing page was a powerful tool for lead conversions. Solus Decor went from converting at a rate of 0.52% up to a conversion rate of 1.46%. These clear results led to our complete website upgrade with Solus Decor.

Website Transformation Data:

Our website redesign led to an organic traffic increase of over 120% for Solus Decor. This was an astounding increase, considering there was no additional link building or content marketing campaigns at this time.

The website transformation subsequently played a major role in increasing organic traffic to the Commercial Design page. Before the redesign, Solus Decor was only getting 20-30 organic visits per month to that page per month.

Numbers that Matter:

  • The lead conversion rate nearly tripled
  • 120% increase in organic traffic
  • 90 new organic leads/month visiting the Commercial services page
  • Qualified leads from PPC and Facebook campaigns

The website transformation subsequently played a major role in increasing organic traffic to the Commercial Design page. Before the redesign, Solus Decor was only getting 20-30 organic visits per month to that page per month.


ElementIQ took the lead on this project and transformed an old, hard-coded website from cluttered chaos – to a streamlined, laser-focused lead generating machine. The key takeaway from this project is that sometimes less is more, cleaning out the old site and updating the look led to higher lead retention and more sales.

Solus Decor is a local, Vancouver based company competing on the world stage.
Their products and services are unique and desired by both residential and commercial clients globally. Their website had to match the modern, unique, custom solutions they offer in order to attract the quality clients they were looking for. ElementIQ used a combination of SEO strategy, UX/UI and paid search knowledge to make this happen and create a new digital image for Solus Decor.

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