Showcasing a brand by bringing a digital presence to life.

How We Revamped a Local Medispa’s Website to Reflect Our Client’s Unique, West Coast Appeal
Revamp Wellness
Health and wellness based medispa
Showcasing a Brand

Client Story: Revamp Wellness

Revamp wellness is a health and wellness based medispa located in Langley, BC. They offer a variety of health focused services including chiropractic treatments, massage therapy and physiotherapy. They facilitate recovery, healing and better performance for clients of all ages.

This west coast based clinic came to ElementIQ initially because they felt their current website did not accurately reflect their identity and abilities as a business. It was a simple website, handmade in Squarespace, without proper tracking and a poor user interface. The old site was costing them clients as a result.

This medispa wanted to showcase their staff, services and personality online and the team at ElementIQ was excited for the opportunity to truly bring their digital presence to life.

Marketing Objectives: Website Upgrade

1. Aligning the Brand

It all started with a discovery call to learn about the ins and outs of the business. Perfomance, healing, and recovery, all wrapped in a west coast styling.

2. Planning the Website

Revamp Wellness wanted a website that celebrated their unique west coast style, and showcased their staff and services. It required online booking, and mobile responsiveness to make things easier for their clients.

3. Defining the End Goal

They were also looking to increase website traffic, and ultimately improve their dwindling conversions.

Website Redesign: A Brand New Website

Moving to WordPress

The website transformation was the top priority and we got right to work. Our team decided to fully rebuild the website in Wordpress because Wordpress offers more freedom when it comes to customization. The platform is also user friendly and easy for the Revamp Wellness team to operate and update independently. The previous website was built in Squarespace, which is a good platform to get started online, but it is limited in custom options. Customization was important for this client, because they wanted to show their own unique style.

Optimizing the Site

We reconfigured the entire site architecture to optimize for SEO and user experience and created 2 different design options for Revamp Wellness to choose from. Our client wanted a website that was representative of their brand, in order to showcase the top quality care and professional characteristics of their business. In development we made sure all functional integrations were successfully set up so not only did the website look beautiful but it worked efficiently for our clients.

Pushing the Site Live

In just 3 short months we had a completed and fully functioning website that truly elevated Revamp Wellness online. The design was a huge improvement from the old Squarespace website. We took it to another level and worked incredibly hard to make sure the client was extremely satisfied.

Set Up Accurate Tracking

Naturally, with the website redesign, we set up comprehensive, cross domain tracking for Revamp Wellness in Google Analytics. The new tracking would measure everything from traffic levels, the top sources of traffic as well as organic and paid search performance. Accurate tracking is so important in every industry and specifically in the medispa industry, it helps to give insight into client behaviour online and ultimately, conversions.

Comprehensive Digital Advertising and SEO

Lastly, after the new website was ready and tracking was enabled, we audited each page and optimized in detail for SEO, (search engine optimization.) Being local and based in Langley, we focused the digital advertising and organic website content on local keywords. These would gain high volumes from prospective clients searching for medispas in the area. We used these keywords throughout the website copy and optimized each site page to ensure it would rank high on search engines.
We built the website with conversion rate optimization in mind. Every single ad that was running to the new website would send users to clean, user friendly, SEO optimized pages for effective advertising campaigns.


The Results Raving Reviews & Levelling Up

The results were remarkable, we saw a dramatic increase in website traffic and growth in the months after the website redesign. This directly led to an increase in new, local patients for our client.

A New Look & Increased Website Traffic

This image shows the difference clearly, from early October 2020 when we started the project, to May 2021. There are incredible improvements across all of the vital web statistics - with a 393.68% increase in new website users and a reduced bounce rate of 23.75%.

This indicates that not only were users loving the new site, they were staying there longer and booking appointments. These are all signs of a very strong and healthy new website.

Incredible improvements across all vital web statistics

This image reiterates just how powerful the transformation was for Revamp Wellness as you can see an increase in website traffic from every traffic source. There is a particularly dramatic increase in both direct and organic search traffic. This means that users who were searching for medispa’s in the area were choosing to visit Revamp Wellness’ new website far more frequently than they were before. This increased visibility also indicates that their website was ranking much higher online.

Website Traffic

Lastly, in the accompanying image, it is clear that the majority of their website traffic was coming from mobile devices. The old website was not mobile responsive, which made it difficult to read on cell phones. Our team ensured each page on the new website was responsive and the result was a 188.4% increase in mobile traffic to the site.

The Final Product

The final product (pictured below) showcases the entire new home page of the website. It flows beautifully and the images of staff evoke the friendly, down to earth atmosphere that Revamp Wellness wanted. The page is infused with a natural, west coast appeal with clear, easy to read fonts for users on both desktop and mobile. All of the services are clearly outlined on the homepage and the UX/UI creates a peaceful and inviting user experience. It evokes a calm, wellness focused atmosphere.

SEO Optimization

Each page of the new website was strategically optimized for SEO. Our team performed thorough keyword research for local and high-traffic search terms - to add into the website copy. The results were an increase in organic site traffic, an improved website score of 94/100 and a keyword ranking of over 200 organic keywords.
Overall Website Health Score

Google Ads

Revamp Wellness was running digital ads before our team started the project. However, once we had taken over and finished the website redesign, we nearly quadrupled their previous ad clicks, increasing users by 96.50% as a result.
Increase in Ad Clicks
Increase in Users

Keywords Research Leading to Interested Users

The new, highly targeted ads used relevant keyword matches, as seen in the image to the left. Our keyword research and on-site SEO optimization carried over into our digital advertising strategy as well, to target high-traffic keywords that generated interest from users who were actively looking for medispas and ready to convert.
Broad match keywords performed best for Revamp Wellness. And we saw significant improvements in Google Ads with the new, locally based keywords when compared to the previous period.
Above are some examples of the various ads we ran for our client:

Final Thoughts

Revamp Wellness came to ElementIQ looking to breathe life into their old website and increase online conversions as a result. In just short 3 months our team transformed the look and feel of the site, completely rebuilding it from scratch in Wordpress. The result was a site that was easy for users to navigate and use. It clearly reflected Revamp Wellnesses west coast style and personality. The fresh, new, welcoming site wasn’t all just looks either.

The increase in site traffic and conversions truly shows that the site redesign led to increased business for our client. Revamp Wellness provides top quality service to their patients in a relaxed, stress free environment and now their website truly reflects that.

Jake Baker, the owner of Revamp Wellness was so appreciative of the digital transformation, they had this to say about our work:

“ElementIQ has been helping my business (Revamp Wellness) with marketing since June 2020. I can definitely say that they have been a major impact to our success during this pandemic. Sam and his team helped develop a plan that would help get our new business off the ground. We are now at the final stages of completing a new website and I could not be more excited for the spectacular work Julia and her team have done. Julia is the ultimate professional and truly understands what we are looking for and more.”

Jake Baker - Revamp Wellness

This project was truly a pleasure for our team and we are so happy with the results. The team at Revamp Wellness continues to thrive, elevated by their new digital transformation. Working with this client truly shows the importance of digital marketing for medispas, especially when competing in a local market.

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