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The Elements of a Reliable Website

Your website: 
It’s your salesperson. It’s your PR representative. It’s the face of your business online, so make sure it works.

Dedicated Hosting

Because bad neighbours can bring bad times to your website when you’re on shared hosting.

Google C2 VMs

Get peerless performance and security with a platform built by and optimized for Google.

Daily Backups

Trial new features and functions on your site without worrying about accidental downtime.

Up-to-date Plugins

Maximize security and access the latest features with always up-to-date plugins for your site.

Free Migration

Seamlessly add, remove, and modify website content as your business grows and evolves.

Managed Licenses

Avoid overpriced plugins and shady developers while getting the functionality your site needs.

Site Optimization

Rank higher and give site visitors the smooth, error-free experience they expect from you.

WordPress Focus

Get the best for your WordPress site with a team that’s exclusively focused on WordPress.

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Our Proven Process To Your Success

1. Discovery

Assessing Your Website
Before shifting you over to our Website Care Plan, we take the time to make sure we can meet all your technical needs.

2. Migration

Moving Your Website
Now we’ll begin migrating your website. Don’t worry, thanks to our downtime-free process, visitors won’t notice a thing.

3. Testing & Optimization

Fine-tuning for Perfection
Next, we’ll run your site through a battery of tests on its new host to make sure everything is running at 100%.

4. Deployment

Going Fully Live
Once everything’s triple-checked, we’ll finish the migration and you can say hello to a fast, secure, and hassle-free site.

The teams competency and knowledge in digital marketing is second to none and their responsiveness to their clients is exceptional!

We have had the great pleasure of working with ElementIQ for a number of years. Anyone wishing to give their business the best chance for sustained growth should definitely speak with the team at ElementIQ.
Brad Carpenter
Solus Decor

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know how to move my website to a new host. Can you do that for me?

Yup. Website migration is included for free when you sign up for our Website Care Plan.

What's the difference between cheap hosting and your Website Care Plan?

Cheap hosting is functional, but it comes with compromises. It's often based on shared hosting, which lets the hosting company make up for their lower prices by squeezing a large number of websites onto each of their servers. But while that density is good for them, it's bad for you - it decreases performance and SEO, increases the level of security risk, and makes it hard to scale up your website as your business grows. 

What will happen to my website if I don't update the plugins regularly?

Out-of-date plugins can interfere with the functionality of your website, create security risks, and cause parts of it to display incorrectly. In the worst cases, they'll "break" your website, making it unusable until the issue is resolved.

So, while your plugins don't always need to be updated immediately, regularly updating them is crucial for keeping your website running smoothly and delivering a great user experience.

What's this "Google C2 VMs" thing?

It means your website is backed by Google's Cloud Compute (C2) Virtual Machines (VMs). What does that mean? It means faster site performance, increased stability and security, and the promise that your website will run smoothly regardless of how big it is and how much traffic it gets.

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