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Local Search prominently features you to the proper audience.

What is Local Search?

We’ve all done it: gone to our favourite search engine and entered a product or service we are looking for. We look to see which ones are closest, who has the most positive reviews, who is open right now, etc. If you’re a local business owner, you’ll definitely want to show up in these search results.

Local search is effective because it lets your business appear in highly targeted, constrained, locationally based search results. This means that you’ll be prominently featured when people nearby search for information related to your business.


Your clients are busy people and they want immediate results. Local search lets you appear in search results when they are looking for companies in your area.


With local search optimized for your business, Google shows search results to those searching in areas you target. This allows you to target ads to specific areas and audiences.


We develop a custom strategy and audit all appearances of your company online. We make sure your listing’s business information is correct, it showcases your best products and services, and you appear above the competition.


Our experienced local search experts are Yelp certified and have the experience they need to edit and customize your appearances in local search.


Watch live and collect location based data from those searching for your company. Appear in search results when you know your clients need you most and target ads to refined geographic regions.