Set it and forget it.

Hosting and website maintenance the way it should be.

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Hosting and website maintenance that just works.

Your website is the backbone of your business. It’s how your business engages with its customers for everything from brand building to product and service showcasing, so you need it to work all day, every day.

ElementIQ’s Website Care Package makes website maintenance simple and straightforward. No more hacks or lost data, and no more being ghosted or put on hold for hours with tech support – just a website that works for you and your business.

What You Get

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Dedicated Server Hosting on WP Engine

Top industry performance, rock-solid security and reliability.

Your business could be losing visitors due to a poor performing website. With Google Cloud’s Compute-Optimized (C2), enjoy up to 40% performance boost compared to shared hosting for optimal user experience.

Did we also mention the 99.9% server uptime, free must-have SSL security, and unmatched reliability? WP Engine delivers hosting you can count on, giving you a website that supports your business and is ready to grow when you do.

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Daily Website Backups

Peace of mind against costly data loss.

Whether it’s a plugin update that isn’t playing nice with your website, or content that was mistakenly overwritten, 30 days of daily backups mean that your website will always be just a few clicks away from full functionality.

Free Website Migration

Worry-free migration of your website.

Migrating your website can be a headache to worry about losing any of the assets you’ve accumulated. By letting us handle changes to your website, you’re protecting the traffic, leads, and revenue you’ve worked hard to acquire.

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Always Up-to-Date Plugins

Unbeatable security. Cutting-edge features.

Outdated plugins are a favorite target of hackers and viruses – but they won’t find any on your website. Automatic plugin updates keep you and your customers safe while equipping your website with all the latest bells and whistles.

License Management for Themes and Plugins

Seasoned expertise. So you only pay for what your website needs.

There are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins. We’ll pick the right ones to keep your website optimized for its needs, so you won’t be flushing money away on features that you’ll never use.

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Speed and Performance Optimizations

Improved usability and higher search engine rankings.

Nobody likes a slow website – especially not Google. Our optimizations will keep your website running smoothly, giving your customers a speedy, seamless experience while increasing your business’ online visibility.

Termageddon: Automatic Policy and Service Agreement Updates

Site policy updates made easy.

Written and maintained by qualified Privacy Attorneys, Termageddon keeps your website’s policies up-to-date even as laws change, so you’ll never have to worry about the legal documentation on your business’ website.

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Fast and Responsive Support

Communication that solves problems quickly and keeps you in the loop.

Don’t be left high and dry when you’ve got questions about your website. Working with us means that you’ll always be able to get the support you need to keep your business’ website running smoothly.

All the little details. And the big picture too.

ElementIQ’s Website Care Package puts your website in the hands of a team with more than a decade of website development experience. And as a full-service digital marketing agency, we see the big picture of how your website fits into the modern digital landscape.

That means your website isn’t just optimized from a web development perspective –

it’s optimized from a marketing perspective too, so you get access to tools and plugins that make your business more visible online and deliver an elevated customer experience.

Translation? Better leads. More conversions. Higher revenue.
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Is a website care package really worth the cost?

Here’s what our clients have said.

“Great team Vikram, Geoff and Sam are the best. Responsive to our requests and always on time with projects. We have seen amazing results in our business because of them. Highly recommend”

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Dr Areezo Nasiry

Dentist & Co-owner

Grow your business and let us worry about your website.

You’ve got a business to run – so run it, and let us keep your website purring along as the finely-tuned engine under the hood of your business.