Targeted Recruitment helps you build the team your business needs to thrive.

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What is Targeted Recruitment?

Employees are the backbone of every business. Without them, nothing gets done, which is why it’s so important to find the right person for each role.

We use paid and organic search channels on platforms like Facebook to connect businesses with applicants that fit their needs. So even if you’re looking for someone in a specific region or obscure industry, targeted recruitment can help you find the perfect complement for your team.

Paid Search

Refined Audience Targeting

Granular controls let us put your job listing in front of a precise, measurable audience based on factors like their age, location, interests, and job descriptions.


With remarketing, we can target candidates who visited specific job postings or pages in your careers section and use compelling ads to nudge them towards applying.

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Organic Search

Job Markets

We make it easy for candidates to find your listings with detailed, easily discoverable postings on job markets. Customized question forms can be set up to screen candidates and ensure that only the best applications arrive directly in your inbox.

Industry-specific Job Groups

Instead of waiting for applicants to search for your listing, we bring it directly to job groups where potential candidates have already expressed interest. Whether you’re looking for a location-specific candidate, or more general applicants, job groups can help.

In-Feed Job Postings

Social feeds are designed to be shareable, making it easy for your company’s connections to pass postings through their networks. These postings are a great way to visually showcase your company’s brand and culture too.