Sagar's First Week at EIQ

March 20, 2018

It’s crazy to think how my professional career began. I was meant to go to an airline head office but ended up at an ad agency where I met the general manager. I tried my luck and asked for an internship, which I landed, which then led to a full-time position as an Account Executive. In this position, I regularly met with clients to help design multiple forms of media to meet their advertising needs. Whether it be print broadcast or digital, I aided clients with the best possible, attention-grabbing advertising strategies that make them memorable while garnering new customers.

When I moved to Canada in November 2017, I hoped to find a place where I could play a similar role. I ended up networking with Vikram Shivahare during a pickup soccer game amongst friends and learnt about what he did at Element IQ (EIQ), a digital marketing agency in Burnaby, BC. As luck would have it, EIQ was looking for recruits.

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After two rounds of interviews, I was fortunate enough to be offered a 3-month internship with an account management role similar to my last job.

Day 1 - Monday, March 12

This was more like a “Day 0.” I am joined by two other interns; Kevin: Web Developer and Greg: Graphic Design. Together, we are introduced to the workplace and the communication apps used on a day-to-day basis. The last part was a bit over-whelming as there are a lot of apps/programs that we use. Each app is used for a specific form of communication. I’m sure with time I will get the hang of it. I also got to know the guys better over lunch (Courtesy: Sam).

Day 2 - Tuesday, March 13

Every morning we do a huddle at 9:08am for 15 minutes.

Huddle: A team meeting where we lay down the agenda for the day. It is done in the following order.

  • Wins: Achievements in your job/personal life.
  • Blockers: Items that are keeping you from completing your tasks that need to be shared with the team.
  • Big Rocks: A very brief overview of the items you are working on, and if you need any collaboration on anything.
  • Chatter: Items that are not task specific that need to be shared with the team.
  • Share: An inspirational or motivational quote or message.

My Big Rock: I’m provided with reading material, a study guide for online marketing, to better understand different facets of the business.

Day 3 - Wednesday, March 14

First remote day. This is the first time I’ve worked from home.

Day 4 - Thursday, March 15

It’s a party! (Well, kinda.)

EIQ works out of Spacekraft by CMPNY, a co-working space located in Burnaby. However, on this particular day, we were headed to CMPNY Coquitlam as it is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary. This space is ridiculous and totally worth the long commute!

  • We get briefed on the list of clients by Joseph and Lincoln, along with Element IQ history and company culture.
  • I get to talk to Sam one-on-one and get a better understanding of what I’ll be doing in the coming weeks.
  • Finished a few chapters of the guide. (So much reading!)

Once we are done with work, the party begins. The games begin, drinks start flowing, the sandwiches start... sandwiching? It's been a fun day of learning and socializing.

Day 5 - Friday, March 16

Second remote day. Kinda late for the huddle.

  • Blocker: Need to figure out how to get Zoom started at the right time.
  • Big Rock: Spent the day reading the guide and familiarizing myself with major EIQ clients.


My first week at EIQ has been interesting. Although it seemed like the work I would be doing is similar to my last job, there are differences. Clients do not hound you like they do with a traditional agency. There’s a clear understanding of workflow and deadlines are not random.

I'm still getting familiar with the clients and the process. In the meantime, I’m learning all the different aspects of a digital marketing agency, which is great as it will help me understand how each of them works and help me serve clients better in the future.

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