Robert's Thrilling Journey as a Digital Marketing Intern

Robert Sparling
February 8, 2021

My Journey as an Intern with ElementIQ

As the new year has come upon us it brings on new challenges but also new beginnings. One of those new beginnings has been working alongside a great group of team members here at ElementIQ. I embarked on a journey of a lifetime and went into this not knowing really what to expect.

Chasing your dream job in life is not just a myth but should be a goal that we can achieve no matter what is in our way. Taking baby steps and reaching small achievements over the past four months has got me to where I am now.

My dream was to become a digital marketer and ElementIQ has helped me bring that dream to reality. As my internship has been a roller coaster ride I have learned so much from where I was at day one to where I am now. The journey we embark on in life only matters if you are passionate about continued learning and experiences that help transform you into who you are.

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Tying it all together

As I have experienced and learned a lot from my internship I have developed many different key takeaways on what it’s like to become a Digital Marketer working at an agency. Using different tools and programs along the way (Teamwork, Hubspot, Passwork, Mailchimp, Sendible, Sendgrid, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, Ahrefs). I've discovered an even deeper understanding of why planning and being strategic is so important to your day to day work life.

Here are my tips for anyone who is looking to be a digital marketing intern with an agency:

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Make sure you are continuing your education or learning after hours or on the weekends to get a step ahead.


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Time-Management is probably one of the most important factors to work and even life in general.  Effective use of time will lead you to generating quality work and more time for other important projects. “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify”.

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Being prepared for a task or a meeting is very crucial to being successful.  Make sure you are prepared for your day the night before so when projects come your way unexpectedly you are at least prepared for other tasks for the day.


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Focus on your company's values and mission to align everything you do towards it.  This way every single team member is aligned to one goal and everything you create works together not against each other.


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Don’t be afraid to speak up or give your own opinion because some of the brightest ideas have come from new employees who know nothing about your company.  Give your thoughts and don’t be shy.


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Take on new challenges with a strategic plan in place.  Any new challenge requires you to plan before you work towards it.  Make sure you are prepared for that challenge and you believe you can take it on.  If not, ask questions!


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Teamwork is the best thing that we have here at ElementIQ.  Everyone works together effectively to save time and generate the best projects.  Having a team that's committed and trustworthy is most important and here at ElementIQ, I am lucky to have just that.


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"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." --Michael Jordan.

My Final Reflection of My Journey

Continuing to ask your team questions and explore outside your boundaries is what will get your intuition going and expand your knowledge to becoming a better digital marketer. Reflecting on my past four months brings tears to my eyes because I am so lucky and blessed to have a team who is willing to take me on and help guide me into who I am today.


They say the best things in life come when you're least expecting them. I started off travelling the world years ago and in Costa Rica stumbled upon one of my best friends who was doing remote work as a Digital Marketer at a hostel (My First Week Post). That opened my eyes to exploring those opportunities and going back to online school at BrainStation which ultimately got me this lovely career and job at ElementIQ. Don’t be afraid to take chances in life and don’t be afraid to do things you don’t like to do because you just never know what will come of it.


Are you ready to become our next intern?

As one chapter has come to an end in my life it's always exciting and exhilarating to know what my next chapter has in stores for me.  Are you looking to become our next intern at ElementIQ?


Now you know what to expect and the commitment that aligns with it.  Do you have what it takes? We are always looking for friendly, hard-working, enthusiastic and creative individuals to join our wonderful team.


Because in the end, every opportunity that is put in front of us you just never know what that door will open up to.

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