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Better marketing for your friends.
And sweet rewards for you too.

Refer A Friend

Say hello to the ElementIQ Referral Program

You belive in the work we do. It’s a safe bet that you feel pretty great about the people in your network too. And when you bring us all together? That’s when things get even better.

With our referral program, everyone wins.

It means awesome, results-driven digital marketing for the people you know; exciting new projects and partnerships for us; and - most importantly - it means great rewards for you, whether you’re an existing client, a business, an agency, or a consultant.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Step 1: Submit referrals

Know someone who needs a hand with their digital marketing? Send ‘em our way!

Step 2: Wait for confirmation

We’ll connect with your referral and see if and how we can achieve more together.

Step 3: Get rewarded

If one of your referrals signs on for a project or as a retainer, you get a one-time credit or commission fee based on their engagement!


For existing clients

For each business you successfully refer to us, get a one-time credit applied to your plan based on 15% of the referral’s monthly retainer or project fee.


For businesses, agencies, or consultants (2+ Referrals)

After sending us one successful referral, you’ll get a 10% commission fee for every subsequent referral that signs on with ElementIQ within one calendar year.


For businesses, agencies, or consultants (1 Referral)

Put us in touch with a business that needs great digital marketing and earn a 5% commission fee based on your referral’s total engagement with ElementIQ.

Referral FAQs

When do I receive my reward (credit or commission fee)?

Rewards are allocated depending on the type of engagement the referral signs on for. For referrals that sign on with a monthly retainer, you’ll receive your reward after their second payment. For one-time project referrals, you’ll receive your reward at the end of the project.

I’m a current client with ElementIQ. Is there a minimum engagement for me to be eligible to earn rewards from referrals?

Nope! There’s no minimum. Whether you’re with us for hosting or full 90 day plan service, you’ll be eligible for 15% of your referral’s engagement.

Will I receive more rewards if my referral increases their engagement with ElementIQ or decides to upgrade from a one-time project to a retainer?

Sorry folks, no double-dipping. But you’re always welcome to send more referrals our way!

Because friends don’t let friends have bad marketing

Help someone you know break the cycle of frustration and wasted marketing dollars. Fill out the form below or get in touch with one of our account managers, tell us about a business with digital marketing that needs a lift, then start looking forward to getting rewarded.

Referral Program

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