Jackie's First Week At ElementIQ // An Experience Of A Marketing Internship

Jackie Lau
February 9, 2017

People often believe in the saying “With great power, comes great responsibility”. What I think is actually true is that “With great responsibility, comes great power”. I think this is more relevant because oftentimes when you are under pressure, that’s when you create the most monumental work.

It all started with a phone call two days before NYE. Krystle Cheung, the HR coordinator from Organika, intentionally reached out to inform me about a marketing opportunity. Without her, I would not have had the liberty of knowing this opportunity. So THANK YOU, Krystle!


I’m Jackie Lau. A little background about me is that I run a photography business by day and have studied as a marketing student by night for the past few years. I always love learning the little quirks of every human interaction and the micro expressions that tell the macro story.

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As I learned more about the principles of marketing, It gradually showed me the intricacies of building a successful brand. From being in the flashy studio photo shoots to building a strategic SEO plan, these experiences made me realize that marketing is really in all aspects of our lives.

Day 1, Whoa That Was A Lot Of Information

After a flurry of app introduction and insider marketing techniques, we first took a tour of the whole office at Spacekraft. He showed me the free, unlimited, ever-flowing and an everlasting amount of coffee we could have. The place is cool.
Furthermore, a normal day on the ElementIQ team generally looks like this:

9:08 am - Team Huddles -> 15 mins

10:00 am - Work on Client X -> 2 hours

12:00 pm - Lunch! -> 1 hour

1:00 pm - Work on Client Y & Z -> 4 hours

5:00 pm - Go Home!

In our daily huddle, the team talks about what goals we want to achieve that day. Since this was my first day, the “work” I had was basically more about learning the history of the company, current clients of EIQ and how to create strategies that help our clients thrive. I installed a bunch of clever apps. I also had a walkthrough of apps and on what they do. This includes Quip, set up Google Apps, set up Slack, paperwork, then go to lunch.

After lunch, we continued with the company onboarding. I was also introduced to a learning tool called DistilledU. Then we installed a bunch more useful apps for Chrome. Some apps we installed were: Buffer, Google Tag Manager, Franz and seven other apps. We went through Canva and stencil. Canva is so much better. Install some more marketing stuff. We installed A LOT of apps.

By the time we were done installing, it was close to 5:00 PM. That’s when people started just hanging out. We have an XBOX One, so automatically I had to at least watch what they were playing. After of few games of NHL legacy, my stomach was ready for me to go home and eat. That night, I just ate, edited some photos and slept right away.

Day 2, Round 2

The second day at work, we took a more in-depth look into the ElementIQ strategic plans in content creation. From creating buyer personas, we are able to discuss what kind of content we should make to attract our markets.

We also went through making videos, using this browser video editor. Honestly, to cut this short, there was a lot of in-depth information that might bore you if I continue talking about it now, so maybe in the future, I will write blogs on some more tips for you solopreuners out there (*wink wink @jacfruits at IG, [she is my girl] ).

*This day was also my birthday so...

** ^That was the rest of my Tuesday

Day 3, Friday!!!

This was the last day of the week. I was taught how to manage multiple blog posts at one time and how to properly assign writers to complete content (FYI, we also have a cool team of writers that helps us develop blog posts for our clients).

Afterward, I was shown how to optimize a blog post. This helped me learn the details of blog post optimization, such as using alt tags, meta descriptions, and internal linking.

Next, to test out what I learned, I was tasked with optimizing two blog posts and that kept me busy until the end of the day. Although I was reading a lot of dry material, the environment I was in made me interested in what I was reading. By the time I was done editing and optimizing these posts, I became quite familiar with Light Heat Energy Skin Rejuvenation and it doesn’t kill you.

That sums up the first week at ElementIQ! I am pretty excited to know more of what I don’t know, and to grow more with the team here!

Work with us.



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