The Four Months Internship Journey At ElementIQ

Brian Chiang
February 8, 2021

Four months ago, I shared my first-week internship experience at ElementIQ, but “Time” indeed does not wait for us. You never knew that time is ticking when you have challenges every day. During the four months of internship journey at ElementIQ, there was not a single day I felt that I had nothing to do.

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” - Walt Disney

Able to learn continuously is a gift, and we always want to receive that gift to move forward with your life. ElementIQ is not just a place to work; it is a place that provides you with the opportunity to explore and decide on the new thing you want to take on and own it. The internship program at ElementIQ is all about having that hunger for learning.

learning gift 1

The Training

When you are just starting a new job in a new company, you will feel nervous and unsure what to expect most of the time. It takes time for most of us to be on board with everything in the company, but you’ll need guidance to help you go through that learning curve.


The first two months of the internship are to provide us training on all the ElementIQ channels. The training helps us prepare and understand how ElementIQ does things to bring success to our work. I learned that being just a graduate and just starting a career is that you never know what you want to do until you are exposed to other things. ElementIQ internship program provides me with the opportunity to explore and find the channels that suit you the most.

The Work

During the second half of the internship, I don't feel myself being an intern anymore. Every day is an exciting day for me; I wake up for the huddle, meet the team members, schedule my tasks for the week, resolve the blockers, complete my tasks, and weekly check-in with my leads. There is not a single day I feel like I got nothing to do because there's always something that I need to do at ElementIQ. Maybe this is what we call an "Agency Life."

When getting hired at ElementIQ, I knew my role was to assist in the Web Dev department, but one channel I was never expecting is doing email marketing. During my interview with Joseph and Andrea, one question was "What channels are you most interested in?" and I said "SEO." but who knew I am doing email marketing at ElementIQ for the past two months.

email marketing

I took on email marketing because I thought it would be a great learning opportunity. After all, a learning opportunity is a gift, and you wouldn't want to give that gift away. I ran into so many blockers when doing email design and content, but I had always succeeded in sending those emails and learned a new perspective on email with Andrea's guidance.

I appreciate that I was exposed to work on so many different channels, web development, design, email marketing, content writing etc. Sometimes, I would feel a bit pressure by the workload, but I would never complain that this is too much. There was a quote that Brendan had shared with us during the huddle that printed in my mind:

“If you’re not being asked to do more, soon you’re being asked to do less” - Ray Ferraro

The Reflection

In my first week of internship blog, I said I felt fortunate that ElementIQ chose me as their intern; this statement is still valid. I get to have the chance to explore different channels, meet outstanding team members, and have the opportunity to have hands-on experience. Being just an intern, having to receive these many experiences is such a win.

The most valuable thing I receive is having to work with such a great team. Although we are working remotely, the communication between the team members is flawless.

team remote scaled 1

If you are planning to apply for the ElementIQ internship program. DO IT! I guarantee you will never regret it.

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