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With precise audience targeting and billions of active users, Facebook and Instagram Ads get you noticed by people who love what you do.
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Ideal for awareness-building
Generates more qualified leads
The top social platforms for ROI

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We build custom audiences that match your ideal customer.

They’ll 👍  your ads. And you’ll be 🤯  by the results, with lower conversion costs and higher ROI no matter what your budget is.
It’s all about targeting. We work with you to understand precisely who your products and services are meant for, then use Facebook’s ultra-granular audience categories like location, interests, and job title to reach them.
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Always delightful.
Never disruptive.

Social media is about entertainment and exploration. People don’t use it like Google. 

That means we don’t build our Facebook and Instagram ads like Google ads, either. Every ad we create is made with style and charisma just waiting to be discovered. So when your audience sees it, they don’t go, “Ugh, another ad” 🙄  — they think “Ooh, what’s that?” 👀
  • Custom Audiences
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Conversion Tracking & Retargeting
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Made for Meta.

Facebook. Instagram. It’s all Meta now.
But the world’s most popular social media company can call itself whatever it wants. We’ll always be on top of the best ways to show your value to the right people. In the palm of their hand. Or in the Metaverse.
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Swipe, scroll,

Picture, videos, animations — in spaces filled with posts and stories all vying for attention, we’ve mastered the art of showing eye-catching visuals and presenting scroll-stopping value.

We circle back with you.
But we don’t go in circles.

Ads are dynamic. We check ours regularly to make sure everything’s working as expected and that we’re not missing better opportunities. At the same time, we keep you in the loop so you always know exactly how our adjustments are supporting your business.
  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Check-ins
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Upgrade what

you’ve got.

We can’t wave a magic wand to make your existing ad campaigns instantly perform better — but we can use them as a stepping stone to more cost-effective results in as little as 90 days.
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We have Meta’s Blueprint for success.

Our experts have Facebook Certification through the Meta Blueprint program.
We build effective ad campaigns on Facebook. We know it. Meta’s recognized it. And now you can experience it.

“Quality and volume are way up”

We’d had some iffy experiences with social media advertising before, but ElementIQ showed that they really know their stuff. In terms of new patients, quality and volume are way up!
Dr. Peter Balogh
Vancouver Centre for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry

Facebook/Instagram Ad Management FAQs

Do Facebook/Instagram ads actually work?

They do — we wouldn’t offer this service if they didn’t, because then we’d just be setting ourselves up to fail. Having said that, they aren’t always a business’ best choice. We always recommend the right platform for a business, not necessarily the one we’re approached about.

What exactly is Facebook/Instagram ad management?

To us, it’s a start-to-finish process for lead generation. It begins with understanding your audience and campaign goal, then building a low-resistance pathway - from their first ad sighting all the way to the post-conversion experience - that will help them complete that goal.

Are there any restrictions to audience targeting?

Depending on your industry, there can be some restrictions to your targeting options, like gender, ethnicity, and race. That’s where our expertise really shines - we can help you reach the audience you’re interested in without violating Facebook’s advertising policies.

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