Email Marketing and Why it’s so Important in 2022

March 27, 2022

With platforms like TikTok stealing the limelight and soaring to fame in 2020, marketers have frenzied over new ways to use the tool in order to convert new clients. With the excitement of new platforms coming out, it’s easy to forget the tried and true digital marketing tool that was there from the start - email marketing. 

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing isn’t dead in 2022. There are several new ways marketers are leveraging email campaigns to convert leads at every stage of the marketing funnel.

From keeping your business top of mind, to sharing insider deals and promotions, email marketing is a powerful tool you need to be using in order to stay relevant in 2022, we’re not kidding. 

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What is Email Marketing?

In the simplest sense, email marketing uses the digital channel of email in order to communicate commercial, promotional or additional information from your business directly to customers.

The end goal of email marketing is to nurture, educate and guide prospective clients in order to eventually drive sales and foster brand loyalty. 

Types of Marketing Emails 

Email marketing varies greatly depending on the sector of business involved. It can be used for e-commerce, B2B companies and B2C companies, as well as startups, nonprofits  and small businesses.

Email marketing is accessible and it’s an excellent way to connect with clients in new channels. Let’s explore different types of email campaigns you can use for your business. 


Have you ever filled out a form for a company, signed up on their newsletter or joined an online program?

Think about how many of those companies sent you a welcome email. The welcome email may seem like common sense to send, but you would be wrong to assume everyone does it.

Now think about what happens when you don’t receive a welcome email from a company. You feel… neglected, right? You may wonder if your form submission even went through and ask yourself ‘did they get my information?’ 

The classic welcome email is important for many reasons. Firstly, it confirms to your leads that you got their information and not only that but you are happy to meet them! Secondly, welcome emails often come with some direction, they may prompt you to continue browsing a website, or, in many cases they offer an exclusive discount code for joining. 

Welcome emails encourage users to stay on your website and keep interacting with your products and services while also making users feel special, like they are now part of an exclusive community. 

Just a Reminder 

Your clients have packed calendars and busy schedules, so sometimes, you need to remind them about upcoming events, appointments and even promotions so that they can add you back into the mix. 

Reminder emails work to do just that. Avoid those empty chairs at your clinic or last minute cancellations without notice by reminding your clients about their upcoming appointments, consultations and meetings.

The best part about these emails is that they can often be automated based on your company calendar, so your email does all of the work for you. 


If you haven’t heard from your clients in a while, it might be worth a quick check-in to remind them about what they’re missing out on. 

It’s likely you have seen these types of emails before, because they are very popular with e-commerce marketing. These emails are meant as a quick nudge or reminder for a subscriber to keep interacting with your business. 

If you want to test it out with your own personal email, try adding items to your cart on any mainstream online store. Leave them in your cart and navigate away from the page. Most often, you will receive an email notification a few days or even hours later, reminding you to check out with the products in your cart. 

Check-in emails aren’t used exclusively in e-commerce, they are always a good option to send to users who have been inactive for a while. 

Exclusive Promotion 

Email marketing is ideal for sharing upcoming promotions with your target audience. Let your subscribers know when something is on sale, or give them exclusive access to an email-only sale.

How Did We Do? 

If you have struggled to get 5 star reviews for your company, you’re not alone. Sometimes it feels like only the naysayers are the ones writing reviews out there. 

But the truth is, you just have to ask. Send an email to clients who have recently purchased one of your products or services and ask them for a review. Make things easy with a link to your Google My Business platform and let your clients know how much it means to your business. 

Email is an excellent channel to use for reviews and the best part is that there are many ways to automate this process using email. 

Spread the News 

Newsletters are the ultimate way to stay top of mind while promoting engagement with your latest content. 

Often, newsletters are sent monthly or even bi-weekly in order to share recent news and information that subscribers will find relevant. 

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Powerful Email Marketing Tricks in 2022

  • Use Emojis in the headers 🙂
  • Experiment with bold fonts 
  • Use captivating images 
  • Use polls and surveys 
  • Give back with promotions 
  • Segment your lists 
  • Personalize messages with merge tags 
  • Add power words to your subject line 
  • Never forget a CTA (Call to Action) 
  • Learn from client feedback 
  • Continually clean your mailing lists 
  • A/B test and experiment 

Common Email Marketing Platforms 

Take Your Email Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level 

If email sounds like something you want to try, our team can help you take it to the next level. Our talented copywriters, designers and developers can help you reach your email marketing goals. Contact us to get your email marketing started in 2022. 

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