ElementIQ Unveils New Name, Logo And Brand

Ramesh Ranjan
April 1, 2016

ElementIQ is a new digital marketing agency with an approach that is more specific and less vague, more accountable and results driven.

The Origins Of ElementIQ

The ElementIQ name stems from Search Engine Land's Periodic Table of SEO. It comes from the realization that there are numerous channels (and sub-channels) under the digital marketing umbrella that a business can invest in and grow from. Within each channel (and sub-channels) are singular elements of digital marketing, which together comprise an entire channel.

For example, in the digital marketing channel of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are two notable sub-channels, onsite and offsite optimization. Within those channels are literally hundreds of elements that are important.

It’s important to know that, depending on your business industry, target market, geographic reach, and other factors that not every channel may work.

That’s where the IQ or intelligence of our team comes in. We’re experts, we know what will and may not be right for you. Consider us a member of your team. We’re as motivated as you are to grow your business.

A New Agency, A New Refined Outlook

Our past has taught us, and our future will define us. Since the beginning in July 2010 as ‘LocalTrifecta’. We have more seasoned professionals with a plethora of knowledge and experience in the digital marketing industry. We have more certifications and success stories.

Rather than focusing on the ‘trifecta’ of Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Advertising and Local Search Marketing, we’ve expanded to include Content Marketing, Social Media, Analytics, Marketing Automation and Conversion Rate Optimization.

Best of all, we have more delighted clients who have seen their businesses grow significantly with us as their digital marketing team.

A Changing Industry

The ways in which consumers search and consume have also changed. This is reflected in search engines. So naturally, Google and its 200+ search ranking factors drive what we do and how we look at the world of search. We’re on top of algorithm updates as Google spits them out. It’s a function of any good agency.

That means some of the ways we Attract, Convert, Close and Delight have also changed.

With this new outlook for our new agency, we know that there is at least one notable constant: Our commitment to doing the best possible work for our clients and being the best in the industry.

We have always committed ourselves to being thought leaders in the digital marketing space in Metro Vancouver and the direction of ElementIQ reflects that.

Work with us.



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