ElementIQ Internship - Kevin's First Week

March 20, 2018

Kevin's first week at EIQ

Lets back it up…

After finding out that Film and business school wasn't for me, I found a tech school that offered various tech programs where I signed up for the full-time web and app development program at RED Academy which admittedly was one of the best choices I’ve ever made as I’ve always felt that the traditional school system was a little “broken”.

The program ended in December where I started doing freelance work and running my own team of designers/devs. Browsing, I stumbled across Joseph’s post on the schools facebook alumni group about an internship program at ElementIQ. I was a little hesitant at first when applying. I thought that I wouldn't be able to grow as a developer in a marketing agency. But, I gave it a shot anyways. During the interviews, I came to realize that ElementIQ was big on personal growth which was very reassuring. Joseph emailed me a few days after offering me an internship position which I gladly accepted.

ElementIQ's Internship Program

Day 0

I made my way into Spacekraft, a coworking space out in burnaby, where I was greeted by Joseph and 2 other interns, Greg and Sagar, who were also starting the same day.

We started off by getting a walk through of the spacious building then getting right into the tools that ElementIQ uses such as Slack, Teamwork and Quip.

After getting to know more about the company, we were treated to lunch at a restaurant right around the corner. We bonded over lunch as we got to know more about each other. After lunch we discussed a little more about what goes on at ElementIQ and ended the day early.

Day 1

We started our day with the daily huddle where we talked about wins, blockers, big rocks and chatter. It's nice to have these daily meeting as it keeps everyone on the same page.

Lincoln joined us that day where he took us into one of the meeting rooms and gave us a lesson on the basics of digital marketing and how ElementIQ uses these techniques.

After lunch we had a group session where we broke down the current ElementIQ website and pointed out what could be improved. It was nice to see how everyone's thought process worked.

We broke up our tasks and started tinkering with the site.

Day 2

Our first remote day. It was a little weird getting straight into working remotely. I’ve done a lot of freelancing where I would work remote but this was a totally different feel, although Im essentially doing the exact same thing!

We did our morning huddle and broke down what we were going to do for the day. I picked up where I left off from yesterday, cleaning up what I can on the the site and trying to improve its page speed.

Lunch came around and I decided to head out to my local coffee shop where I usually work out of when freelancing. The familiar atmosphere and the delicious coffee definitely got me going for the rest of the day where I finished off most of the tasks that I was assigned.

It was a pretty relaxing day.

Day 3

Back in the office… a different office.

Since it was CMPNY Coquitlam's 1 year anniversary, the team decided to head out over there to work for the day and enjoy the festivities that followed.

I had to admit, the Coquitlam location was very nice. It wasn't much bigger than the Burnaby location but it felt like it had a bit more to offer. They had meditation rooms for relaxing, hammocks for snoozing and larger meeting rooms!

We did our usual huddle, this time sam and Vikram joined us over Zoom, a video conference tool. It was nice to see almost everyone join us for the huddle that day, felt like the team was coming together.

Lincoln ran us through a few of ElementIQ’s clients and explained to us how each of them operate and what types of services they needed. He also told us a lot of funny stories that the team has encountered while working for clients.

The rest of the day, I finished up my tasks and got to relax a little before the event that was taking place after work in the main area.

They had food and drinks laid out and a giant jenga game which me and Sagar battled it out in a couple of intense games. I had to leave a little early since I had to go to a dinner afterwards. I wished I could have stayed a little longer to talk with everyone there and bond more with the team.

Day 4

TGIF … and another remote day!

I started my day off with doing the huddle with the team while in bed, where I came to learn that one of the clients had some email issues which I was tasked to help out with.
It was my turn that day to share something..
So I read out a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk, one of my favourite influential speakers:

“Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.”

Right after the huddle, I hopped onto the clients website to take a deeper look into what can be done to resolve the issue. Me and Lincoln decided that setting up a different mail server on the site was the best course of action.

After helping Lincoln with the task, I went back to trying to improve the ElementIQ load speed, where I kept playing around with it until I was satisfied that it would be as fast as it could, while still keeping the tools needed to monitor and track stats.

I ended the day off a little early as I was done all of my tasks. I went on to formulating ideas on how to improve the current workflow that ElementIQ utilizes as I was big on efficiency and simplifying processes.


The week went by really fast and I feel that I learned so much in so little time. I really got to understand the values and goals of ElementIQ and how they really care for each other. It's a close knit group that i'm happy to be a part of. I'm excited to continue with the internship program and learn more about marketing and how I can integrate it in the work that I do.

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