Refocus Your Clinic’s Digital Strategy with DMscore

Isolation doesn’t mean vacation. If you’re looking at the current situation and thinking that it’s time to pause or take your foot off the gas – think again. 

Now is the time to review your practice’s standing in the local market so you can understand how to get an edge over your closest competitors. 

How? With DMscore.

What is DMscore?

DMscore analyzes your clinic’s online presence then assigns it a rating that you can use to track your digital marketing performance over time. This rating also reveals how your clinic’s digital marketing stacks up against nearby competing clinics.

Beyond your overall DMscore, your digital marketing performance is also divided into 3 key indicators of your clinic’s digital health: search, paid search, and directories.

Your Overall Digital Marketing Score

Just like your FICO® score for your credit, DMscore, or your Digital Marketing Score measures the effectiveness of your online presence compared to other dental offices in your city.

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Our algorithm reviews your website, search engines such as Google, and directories like Yelp and Zocdoc to give you a comprehensive score of your website’s online presence.

Your Breakdown of Each Channel

Your DMscore is broken down into three digital marketing performance indicators: Search, Paid Search, and Directories.

This helps you uncover your marketing weaknesses and opportunities so that you can generate more leads and convert new patients!


When someone’s looking for a new dentist, odds are they’re doing it through a search engine like Google. Better website optimization makes it easier for potential patients to find you, leading to more appointments and revenue.

Paid Search

Putting out advertisements online isn’t enough – quality matters too. DMscore’s paid search metric tells you whether your ads are effectively driving traffic to your website, which can help you adjust your ad campaigns to maximize your returns.


Review aggregators like Yelp factor heavily in people’s minds when they’re searching for a service provider. If you’re not putting enough effort into managing your online reputation, your ‘directories’ score will let you know.

Your Local Ranking vs. Your Competitors

We analyze the websites of all competing dental offices in your city and rank them by DMscore.

A higher ranking shows a more prominent online position, which leads to more potential leads.

What Comes Next?

Even if you’re already collaborating with an agency partner, you’ll want to make sure they’re staying on top of your practice’s marketing performance with DMscore. It’s designed to be easy for clinic owners to understand so that you can monitor your marketing performance and ensure that you’re getting what you pay for.

Searching for an agency to guide your digital marketing efforts? ElementIQ is DMscore’s selected partner agency, which means our team has been trained to deliver effective, sustainable digital marketing strategies that improve your DMscore and help your clinic thrive.

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Paid Ad

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Email Marketing

The Top Dental Clinics In Your Area

DMscore also allows you to monitor and track your ranking against your local competitors.

Your DMscore Progress Over Time

A detailed progress analysis of your DMscore is produced every month. This gives you a valuable insight on how your digital marketing campaign is performing over time.

Dental Case Studies​

Having the right digital marketing strategy makes all the difference, bringing in not only more patients, but more valuable ones. That means higher average returns per patient, and more profits for hardworking clinic owners like you. Check out the case studies below to see how we’ve helped some of our clients.

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increase in 220% organic search (traffic)

By using a strategic mix of marketing channels, see how we brought in new prospects on our Client Story for LA Dental.

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increase in 207% website growth (traffic)

See how we tailored online content to position a dentist as a top practitioner In Vancouver on our Client Story for VCCID.

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Your Specialized Marketing Team

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