Where to Post COVID-19 Updates Online: The Complete Digital Checklist (with Examples!)

April 24, 2020

Your business connects with its customers through so many different online avenues. There are social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, business directories like Yelp, and - of course - your very own website too. That's great for helping your business build a strong and effective digital presence, but it can become a real headache when you need to deliver important updates to your customers.
To help you out, we've put together a fast and simple checklist that you can apply to your business. It's an easy way of ensuring that the primary online channels your customers use to find you are updated with crucial information about how your business has adapted to the COVID-19 situation.

Digital Communications Checklist

Update Your Website

  • Publish a COVID-19 policy page
  • Use a pop-up to share the most important message along with a link to the policy page (Example 1.1)
  • Use a website banner with your COVID-19 message that is visible at all times on all pages (Example 1.2)

Update Google My Business

  • Update ‘hours of operation’ if applicable (pro-tip: edit special holiday hours instead of changing the regular hours)
  • Add a COVID-19 update using Google My Business ‘posts’  (Example 2)

Update Yelp

  • Update ‘hours of operation’ if applicable
  • Use the COVID-19 update feature to share your message (Example 3)

Update Facebook

  • Publish your message as a post (pro-tip: pin this post to the top of your page) (Example 4)
  • Publish your message to Facebook stories

Update Instagram

  • Publish your message as a post
  • Update your business description and link (if you have a COVID-19 designated page) (Example 5)
  • Publish your message to Instagram Stories

Email Your Clients

  • Deliver your message to your clients’ email inboxes (Example 6)

Visual References/Examples

1.1 - Website Pop-up


1.2 - Website Banner


2 - Google My Business COVID-19 Post


3 - Yelp COVID-19 Update


4 - COVID-19 Facebook Post


5 - Instagram Description Update


6 - Email to Customers


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