Inform and Reassure Your Customers with this Quick and Easy COVID-19 Business Policy Template

April 24, 2020

Keep Customers Up to Date on Your Business

As your business adapts to the new restrictions that COVID-19 has brought, it's essential for your customers to be kept in the loop. After all, your customers won't be able to support your business if they don't know that it's open and that you've taken steps to operate safely.

To help you do that, we've created a handy template that you can use to clearly communicate how your business' operations have been affected by the current situation, and what precautions you've put into place to safeguard the health of your customers, your employees, and the broader community.

Ready to get started? Use the template below - it's all you need to create a reassuring and informative policy for your customers in just a few minutes.

[Your Business Name] COVID-19 Policy

As the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation evolves, we’ve taken steps to adapt our business to the current situation. As we continue to serve our customers, these measures will protect their health, the health of our employees, and the safety of the community.

Critical Updates

Is our business open?
Have our hours of operation changed?
Have there been changes to the selection of products/services that we offer?
How can you contact us?

Safety Protocols To Protect Our Customers

1. How are we practicing social distancing while interacting with our customers?

E.g. Managing all communications over the phone or by email, accepting payments online, no-touch delivery...

2. How are we practicing social distancing with our client’s in our office?

E.g. Only serving one customer at a time, using video-conferencing in lieu of face-to-face meetings...

3. How are we practicing social distancing with our clients at their homes (if we provide on-site residential service)?

E.g. Not having any member of our team go inside the house (not even to use the washroom), not asking clients for any items (not even a glass of water), ensuring a minimum of 6-feet of distance from the client(s) under all circumstances…

Safety Protocols To Protect Our Team

1. How are we practicing social distancing in the workplace?

E.g. Maximum 3 people allowed in the office at any time, virtual offices set up for team members to work from home...

2. How are we keeping our office, tools, and supplies disinfected?

E.g. All washrooms have an alcohol-based liquid hand soap, the office is being professionally cleaned with a disinfectant every morning, use-and-throw surgical gloves are being used to handle tools and equipment...

3. What measures are being taken to promote healthier lifestyles among our employees?

E.g. A mandatory routine of 21 push-ups a day for all employees…

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