How our client sold all pre-sale units in under 6 months.

We turned first-time real estate developers into seasoned pros by selling out a 31 unit pre-sale townhome complex in under 6 months.
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Client Story: StoneRidge

The Stoneridge development can truly be described as an oasis within nature. This pre-planned community of premium 3-4 bedroom townhomes offers buyers spacious, multi-level living with the convenience of living just outside of the city.
Based in Maple Ridge, BC these family-friendly townhomes combine breathtaking mountain views with the ease and accessibility of modern life.
What began as only a vision by first-time property developers soon became a thriving community with the help of some cunning marketing tactics. By enabling the sales team with centralized lead intake, proper tracking and creative digital ads, this stunning complex in the heart of Silver Valley became a welcoming place to call home for many.

Marketing Objectives: Sell Out As Fast As Possible

1. The Development

StoneRidge featured luxury townhomes that were priced as premium products. The dwellings were far more spacious when compared to traditional townhomes in the city, and they created an elevated living experience surrounded by the lush greenery of Maple Ridge.

2. The Challenge

Due to their premium price, however, there was a concern as to the level of demand from interested buyers. This small, family-run business was looking to create a luxury community development but as first-time developers, they lacked marketing direction which had them stuck when it came to lead generation.

3. The Urgency

There is a booming real estate market in British Columbia but in real estate, time is of the essence, you need to hit while the market is hot and you need to be prepared with a smooth user experience to catch the attention of leads and retain them along the buyers’ journey.

4. The Goal

At ElementIQ, our core objective was to sell the entire complex as pre-sale townhomes and the goal was to have this done as fast as possible. Here’s how ElementIQ carefully overcome these challenges and created an action plan to bring this dream development into fruition.

How We Attracted Leads and Kept Them Interested

Email Campaign

1. Automated Lead Intake

The first roadblock to lead generation was ensuring proper follow-up with prospective clients. The project owner had a very limited amount of time, and our team needed to create a way to automate the initial follow-up process. We used automated email responders and email follow-ups in order to keep prospective leads interested, in the loop and up to date on the project, without taking valuable time away from the sales team. The sales team was then able to follow up with existing leads and new leads without feeling overwhelmed.

2. Paid Social & Search Ads

We had a budget of $1000/month which was used across 3 digital ad platforms in order to effectively generate leads interested in Stoneridge. We took a three-pronged approach to our digital ads, focusing on the key platforms for real estate developments - Facebook and Instagram, with Google Ads.
In real estate marketing, normally there is an initial success with Google Ads, but we really saw the interest in Stoneridge coming from social media. The development was very visually attractive and featured stunning renderings and floor plans which were best showcased on our social ads. Our digital advertising approach was highly targeted in order to get in front of the right audience at the right time. Facebook and Instagram truly allowed for an immersive experience and this was best highlighted by the success specifically in our Instant Experience ads which ran continually across the two social platforms.
Facebook Carousel Ad
Call tracking allows for calls to be recorded and played back, so our client was able to listen to both the quality of the leads we brought in, as well as gauge the performance of the sales team. Call tacking certainly brought transparency to this campaign and it allowed our client excellent visibility on both the sales and marketing performance metrics.

3. Call Tracking

Proper measurement and tracking were key features throughout this campaign but this is especially true when it comes to call tracking. We implemented call tracking via a tracking number in our paid ads to ensure prompt follow-up and transparency in the sales process. One of the things that made it very successful was tracking all phone calls and text inquiries. We were able to make sure that every lead with an inquiry was able to speak to a salesperson.
The graph pictured below shows the direct impact call tracking had on this campaign. Calls, especially throughout the winter months from December 2020 to February 2021 more than doubled. These powerful statistics show just how important call tracking is when it comes to real estate campaigns and ultimately, sales. In just 3 short months, calls gained traction and the sales team was busy as a result.


The Results: Sold!

Results that speak for themselves.

Our client was incredibly impressed, we generated high-quality, interested leads so quickly that 24 units were sold within 4 months of the campaign’s start date in October 2020. Now the entire 31 unit complex is fully sold - the entire project took less than six months to complete.
Initial Leads
Units sold in 4 months
Entire Complex
Units sold out 
within 6 months
Project Time
(Less than) months to complete

Our success in this campaign can truly be attributed to careful tracking and measurement.

We were able to give our clients tangible, measurable results. Leads were tracked, reported and nurtured via email automation and they had a clear user journey from seeing an ad, to filling out an inquiry and connecting with sales. This directly resulted in sales and happy new homeowners.


Studying, planning, and reporting leads


Email automation and clear user journey flows


Generate sales and happy new homeowners.

Facebook and Instagram ads took the lead in this campaign

They proved to be a truly immersive and interactive experience for leads. 80% of calls were driven by Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. Stoneridge sold out sooner than expected and the community was soon thriving. The saying ‘know your audience’ rings true here - those looking for a new home truly want to see what they’re buying and Instagram and Facebook ads gave them that visual experience. Ads were strongly supported by call tracking and lead automation, which truly made this campaign an incredible success.


of call volume
Driven by Facebook, Instagram, 
and Google Ads


ElementIQ was able to sell out the pre-sale townhome project in a record amount of time. These high-end homes based in nature were particularly popular on social media due to their visual appeal and we generated the majority of interested leads through paid Facebook and Instagram ads.
What was a unique product - a townhome complex with the space and convenience of detached homes soon became a key selling point - all they needed was the right marketing team to make it happen.

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