How we recovered a hacked website and transformed it into a lead generating machine

Client Story: Keating Dental Arts

Keating Dental Arts is a California based, family-run dental laboratory. They deliver 100% American-made products to dental clients in North America. They are established as a boutique lab with quality products and personalized service.

In 2017 it was time for a change. They had been growing 1-2% annually, and the lab’s owner, Shaun Keating, had higher ambitions. He wanted to compete with the biggest dental labs in America. Digital marketing was required to achieve this growth.

They had an in-house sales and marketing team, a contractor managing the website and an online marketing agency.

However, no one knew that their website had been hacked, and was redirecting traffic as a result.


1. Secure The Website

In order to hack their business growth goals, we first had to secure the website. A trojan had published information on their website about ‘Adidas EZ shoes’ available online, along with hundreds of spammy links. Our first order of business was to remove all mentions of the Adidas shoes and disavow links.

2. Understanding Their Business: Growth Hacking

Once the website had been recovered, we started by understanding their business goals, and identifying their strengths and pain-points.

Business goal – Growth, focused on new accounts acquisition.

Business strengths

  • Growing credibility within the dental community
  • High quality products with in-house manufacturing
  • Good customer service and client communication
  • Content supporting dental professionals: podcasts, articles, videos, and events

Pain points

  • Disjointed and disorganized marketing department with no overall marketing plan
  • Lack of understanding regarding the digital marketing ecosystem
  • Lack of communication between sales and marketing

What We Did

Employing The Marketing Cavalry

The key to success for this campaign was to target the right audience, keep them engaged with the Keating brand, and reinforce messages about how Keating Dental Arts adds value to their practice.

One of the advantages was that they had an active sub-brand called ‘Dental Up’ to support dentists. This content-rich platform shared inspirational and educational information on topics like dental marketing, management, technology, and finances. It included a mix of podcasts, blog articles, and events.

We decided to leverage content in Dental Up to attract website traffic, engage users, and demonstrate how Keating Dental Arts is more than a manufacturer, but rather, a key partner, committed to helping it’s clients and the dental community.

1. Attract Website Traffic From America

With a mix of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and paid advertising (PPC) campaigns, we helped increase organic search traffic and paid traffic from America to key pages on their website like the homepage, product pages, and new customers page.

2. Engage Users With Dental Up

By promoting Dental Up content on their website, Google partner networks and Facebook page, we were able to increase the attention and engagement that Dental Up received, especially the weekly podcasts.

3. Drive Conversions With Lead Form Submissions

By applying user experience (UX) and conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practices, along with advertising offers and promotions, we improved the quantity and quality of incoming leads.

The Results

Quantitative Results And Qualitative Contributions

Within Keating Dental Arts, we were communicating with the owner, the IT team, the HR department, and the members of their sales and marketing team. With so many stakeholders, priorities can get confusing, and managing expectations can get chaotic.

One of our greatest contributions in this campaign was to act as a catalyst that helped bring relative order to the confusion and chaos through a great deal of organization and constant communication.

An example of this was ‘continuity’. In the 3 years that we worked with them, we saw the personnel of their marketing leadership team change 3 times over. Despite all these changes, plans and initiatives did not get interrupted because of the process-oriented approach that we helped establish and the continued support that we were able to provide.

Quantitative results

  • Almost 750 online leads were qualified and generated for their sales team
  • An average of approximately 35 new accounts were added each month
  • Business grew at an average of 4-5% a year after they started working with us as compared to 1-2% before they started working with us

Qualitative contributions

  • We achieved greater synergy between offline and online marketing initiatives and their overall marketing plan was better defined and coordinated
  • Communication between the sales and marketing team was improved which helped to better understand factors like quality of leads, leads to sales conversion rates, and optimize various workflows
  • Tracking was improved to understand the real return on investment of different initiatives

Reflection: Glancing In The Rear View Mirror

The Keating Dental Arts marketing campaign was one of the most unique campaigns that we have managed for a number of reasons.

  • Our target was dentists and dental offices, not end patients who were looking for dental procedures (such as dentures, crowns, bridges, and dental implants), so filtering out irrelevant traffic was vital.
  • It involved communicating with various members of the corporate team in different capacities, including HR, IT, Sales, and Marketing.
  • It was a campaign that thoroughly tested our communication abilities, technical skills and creative talents.
In working with Keating Dental Arts for over 3 years, ElementIQ helped their business achieve annual growth rates of 4-5%. By comparison, Keating Dental Arts had only been growing by 1-2% before they started working with ElementIQ, and the average American dental lab was growing by less than 1% each year.

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