The Garage Door Depot of Calgary

Learn how this Calgary based company became innovators in their market by introducing a feature not being used by their competitors.
About the Garage Door Depot of Calgary

Have the best looking house on the street

Established in 2001 by owner Rob Miller, a paramedic with the fire fighters for over 20 years before venturing into the garage door business. By choosing the 'non-glamorous' Garage Door franchise he was no longer restricted to a particular neighborhood. Instead, he has been able to provide services across the city and venture into both residential and commercial markets.

The Garage Door Depot aims to give you the best looking house on the street. They carry premium parts and provide installation and repair services.

The Goal

The Garage Door Depot of Calgary wanted to elevate their clients' buying experience online. Online shopping was safer for customers during the pandemic and would open up a brand new sales channel for our client. An online store would be groundbreaking for this industry. In February 2021 the ElementIQ team put together a plan to create a shopify website.

The Challenge

Rob’s previous Shopify website functioned at the bare minimum. It had limited design elements, lacked proper tracking and felt outdated. Some products were hidden and navigating the site was tricky resulting in a poor user experience online. Many existing clients didn’t even know about it.

The Solution

Ad Campaigns

1. User-Friendly Experience

Our first goal was to create a brand new Shopify website for the Garage Door Depot of Calgary. Our team took the existing Shopify website and transformed it into a powerhouse for selling products online.

Showcasing residential and commercial garage doors was prioritized. Repair services were also promoted ensuring that the existing customer base would be more aware of this option while browsing the shop from home.

2. Exposure & Tracking

Once the Shopify website was live, our paid search specialists launched detailed, highly targeted ad campaigns to boost exposure. Call tracking and call tracking metrics were installed in order to carefully monitor conversions and the return on our campaigns.

The digital ads brought increased, interested traffic to the Shopify website, while also spreading awareness about the repair services that Miller was looking to advertise. Not only did we successfully complete this, revenue, sales and calls towards the business.

3. Building Awareness

With everything ready and running in April 2021, it was time to share the news about the new Shopify website with existing and new customers. With a combination of client testimonials, updated website copy, call tracking and digital ad campaigns traffic flooded the new site. Fast forward to the present and now, in June 2021, this has been the best overall month for sales at the Garage Door Depot of Calgary, all since launching the new Shopify store.

The Results

An Increase in conversions, site traffic and revenue were just a few of the incredible returns the Garage Door Depot of Calgary saw in the months after launching the Shopify website. They had made things much easier for their clients and were reaping the rewards. With a strategic marketing strategy, analytics showed upwards trends across all channels and the Garage Door Depot of Calgary is now poised for some incredible future growth as a result.


Increase in checkout page view
213 (vs 35)


Increased website users
4,412 (vs 1,410)


New sources of online traffic
Other, direct, organic, email, paid, referral, and social.


Increase in new website users
4,369 (vs 1,410)


Increase in overall pageviews
15,242 (vs 7,676)


Increase in revenue
Higher conversion rate, 19 transactions, and an average order of $66.
“We have had the great pleasure of working with ElementIQ for a number of years. The teams competency and knowledge in digital marketing is second to none and their responsiveness to their clients is exceptional! Anyone wishing to give their business the best chance for sustained growth should definitely speak with the team at ElementIQ.”

Rob Miller + Team - The Garage Door Depot of Calgary.

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