CüR Laser And Skin

How We Increased Conversions By 396% & Grew Website Traffic By 379%

The Client Story

CüR Laser and Skin was established in 2012 providing services like Botox and Injectables, and various Skin & Laser treatments. Before they hired us in March 2014, they were incurring losses and were hardly getting any customers. They had very limited traffic to the website, and their potential customers had more questions than their website was answering. They were spending far too much money on advertising to justify the dollars that were coming in. With the help of digital marketing and quality customer service, their business started to pick up. Over time, they introduced new services like CoolSculpting and our campaign focus changed to promoting new services and creating conversions and quantifiable returns on investment.


  • Create brand awareness and generate demand within the Metro Vancouver region by setting specific objectives like ‘brand consistency across all digital channels’, ‘top rankings in search engine result pages for a variety of industry related keywords’, and ‘engagement with target market by regularly publishing relevant content’
  • Increase website traffic, especially from organic search
  • Increase the number of leads by way of contact form submissions on the website or phone calls
  • Increase the number of followers and engagement on social media channels


  • Increased on site traffic and activity after branding
  • Redesigned website with content that was relevant and effective for both the web and user accessibility
  • Highly functional and aesthetically pleasing website, with high levels of web traffic and social engagement


  • The CüR Laser and Skin campaign was focused on creating high quality informative content published in a visually delighting interface. It started with redesigning their website and building out every page with quality information and a user friendly layout. We then used a content heavy Inbound marketing strategy, publishing numerous articles answering specific questions that users were searching for.
  • Social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus) were used to promote events and content pieces to a highly targeted market.
  • Organic SEO and local search tactics ensured high ranking for CüR Laser and Skin on search engines. And a comprehensive tracking plan allowed us to regularly evaluate results and measure return on investments.


In One Year

Increase in Website Conversions
Increase in Organic Search Rankings
Increase in Organic Website Traffic
analytics line graph screenshot
table showing organic search from 2014 to 2015

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