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The Elements of a Powerful Brand

Familiar, yet exciting. Evocative, yet simple. It’s feelings, expectations, and possibilities rolled up into a symbol of your business.

Visual Identity

Transfer the look and feel of your business’ brand from your mind’s eye to a digital canvas.

Logo Design

Distill the essence of your business’ values, philosophy, and identity into a single visual form.

Audience Assessment

Delve into the psyche of your ideal customers to understand what they want in a brand.


Enhance your value, bolster your desirability, and refine how customers perceive your brand.

Brand Voice

Give your brand a consistent, charismatic voice that strikes a chord with your target audience.

Brand Guide

Make sure your brand stays consistent even as your services and products change around it.

Brand Management

Maintain clarity with your customers, whether it’s a minor update or a full-on re-brand.

Physical Signage

Keep your brand visuals aligned wherever your business is, from trade-shows to company events.

Unifying visuals and values, we elevate your brand identity.

Our Proven Process To Your Success

1. Inception

Understanding Your Brand
Together, we’ll explore how your brand can become a reflection of what your business does and the values it represents.

2. Style Boards

Envisioning Your Brand
Based on your suggestions and input, we’ll create visual stylescapes that let you see the possibilities for your brand.

3. Hi-Fi Designs

Creating Digital Assets
Whether it’s website pages, logo designs, or style guides, this is when your brand collateral begins to take shape.

4. Approval

A Brand is Born
After a few more refinements based on your feedback, your freshly minted brand will be ready to tell your story.

This company is highly responsive, competent, willing to go the extra mile and brings results.

I would highly recommend this digital marketing group to anyone looking to take their business, development or project to the next level. They are easy to work with available on phone, email and text at a moments notice and have every professional in house that a digital online company needs to have in today's fast paced world. Thank you for being a group that can be counted on.
Sean McLintock
Sean McLintock & Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand? Is it just my logo?

Your logo is a big part of your brand - but it's far from the only part. From colours and fonts to writing style and image choice, your brand isn't just the visual identity of your business - it's the feeling that people get when they think about who you are and what you stand for.

Why is my brand important?

Your brand is important because it has the power to shape customer behaviour. As the image and reputation of your business, it influences whether people feel like your business is right for them, how you stack up against your competitors, and what people are willing to pay for your products/services. 

How much should I invest in my brand?

If you look online, you'll see advice like "10% of your marketing budget should be spent on branding", but the reality is that there's no universal formula. The "right" amount of brand investment for your business all depends on the value that investment will provide. 

Just think about it - if your brand still resonates with your customers, then you probably don't need to invest as much in it. But if your brand comes across as tired and irrelevant, then a big investment makes a lot of sense if it translates into more appealing products and increased sales.

How will we work together to realize my brand vision?

Bringing your brand vision to life is a closely collaborative process. It starts with brainstorming, where we each bring ideas and examples of what your brand could be and work together to understand what you do (and don't) like. From there we create options for you to consider, iteratively refining your brand based on your feedback until it's exactly what you envisioned.

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