4 Social Media Management Tips I Learned During My Internship

Coming into the ElemenIQ Internship program I was certain I wanted to specialize in social media. I was lucky enough that at the time, ElementIQ was looking for someone to oversee social media accounts. After my first week as an intern, I started to slowly take on clients’ social media accounts.

Every week I would take on two clients and I would work on their content buckets and content calendars. Every week was a new challenge and a new opportunity to develop and strengthen my skills. After a couple of months into my internship, creating content and scheduling posts for the various accounts became something natural. However, managing social media isn’t only about creating content and scheduling posts. There are various different aspects that come into play when one wants to successfully manage social media.

At some point, most brands and inventors find it difficult to get noticed on social media.

The only way to stand out on social media is to rise above all the noise. Cutting through all the noise can certainly be overwhelming. Here are four simple ways to stand out on social media that I learned throughout my internship.

Be Unique

With so many brands on social media, it has become increasingly challenging to be unique and stand out. Ideally, your social media presence should not look like everyone else’s. This principle might initially seem simple. In reality, however, various brands fall into the trap of becoming monotonous, mainly because they want to play it safe and reduce their degree of risk. Unfortunately, playing it safe prevents a brand from standing out.

To stand out, you have to move away from posting promos and sharing links. The content that you post should be something your audience can relate to; it should include information they genuinely want to engage with.  Making your posts more targeted and personal to your intended audience will help you establish a deeper connection with them. The more your audience relates to your content, the keener they will be on sharing it with their followers, as well as liking and interacting with it.

Caring for your image and profile is part of being unique. When visiting your profile, you want users to relate and identify with it on a personal level. Having an effective biography, great profile picture, and eye-catching feed is essential to get noticed. 

In most cases, users glance through a profile for two seconds. This provides you with two precious, valuable seconds to catch their attention and cause them to want to stay and explore your brand further. The more visually pleasing your feed and profile are, the more followers and likes you will receive.

A perfect example of a visual and themed feed is @happyskinkitchen. In this case, vibrant, eye-popping colors are used in images to create a high level of visual appeal, this increases the likelihood that you’ll click and like the image.

Create Awesome Content

Creating unique content is not only about posting a high-quality picture or video; it also includes using creative visuals and compelling captions to tell a story.

Images and videos should not only be clear and of high quality but should also reflect your brand. This allows your targeted audience to relate specifically to the content and associate it directly with your brand. Combining strong visuals with creative captions will encourage your audience to engage, start conversations, and share your content. 

In order to create content that users want to interact with, you must come up with a content strategy. Without a well-established content strategy, new social media users tend to not know what to post and have a hard time adapting to social media. There are multiple ways of preparing for and creating a content strategy. However, there are four key components to every content strategy, these include

  1. Knowing your competitors and what they are posting
  2. Knowing yourself and your audience
  3. Creating content buckets
  4. Creating a content calendar

Out of the four key components, I personally have found creating content buckets to be the key determinant in content strategy success. You certainly want to know yourself and your competitors before creating content buckets. However, without awesome content buckets, it is difficult to attain social media success.

Content buckets are categories or topics that speak to different aspects of your business, they are separated into main buckets and sub-buckets. For example, at ElementIQ, main buckets include company culture, our internship program, clients, and events. Within our main culture bucket, we have sub-buckets such as agency life, retreats, meals, and the team. Having well-fleshed out content buckets will facilitate the process of creating content and scheduling posts.

Engage & Use Hashtags

Being noticed in social media is not only about content. Interacting with other brands, customers, and influencers is also a key to success. In the social media world, users appreciate ‘love’ (likes, comments, and shares). The more ‘love’ they receive from you, the more ‘love’ they are willing to give back. Remember, the core goal of social media is to be … social! 

Tagging and mentioning is the most common way of catching the attention of brands and users. By doing so, you are not only engaging with them, but also helping to amplify your content. Tagging and mentioning is a popular brand awareness strategy, mainly because brands or users can be targeted directly in order to begin a conversation.

Hashtags have become a popular exposure method across social media platforms. Different social media platforms use hashtags in their own unique ways. Despite these differences, it is clear that posts which use hashtags receive a higher level of engagement. This occurs because hashtags further expose your posts, simply by placing them in specific categories that are being searched by targeted users. Growing and creating your own hashtag, especially for small and new businesses, is a smart move from a brand awareness perspective. If done properly, over time more and more users will start using your personalized hashtag. Here are some quick tips to help you become a hashtag expert.

Remember this! Social media platforms are a playground for engaging with one another. Engaging with your customers has never been that easy and simple. Here are some additional tips to engage your audience on social media.

Be Consistent

Consistency allows you to grow your engagement and reach. This includes not only posting regularly but also using a consistent voice and posting the same type of content. Consistency in social media is all about developing your brand, which is best expressed through your social media profiles.

Ideally, you want your images and captions to always reflect who you are. Once you have nailed the language, color, and images, you can focus on posting regularly. 

Posting regularly does not mean you need to post twice each day. In the end, quality matters more than quantity. Figuring out the number of times you have to post per week, and at what time of the day, can be tricky. However, there are tools that help you identify the best times to schedule your posts across different platforms. At ElementIQ we use Sendible, a game-changer when it comes to scheduling posts, saving time, and successfully reaching target populations.

Pro tip: Try using the same handle on all social media platforms. This will make it easier for others to find you and tag you.

The Bottom Line

The world of social media is filled with competitors of all shapes and sizes. In order to consistently stand out, there are numerous strategies you can implement. First, make sure you begin by providing content. However, content is only half the battle, as you must also ensure that your content is unique and appealing enough to make users want to engage with it. In your quest for success, remember to focus on creating a specific, tailored experience for your target audience population, rather than providing a variety of general content in attempts to be the most popular brand. When in doubt, visit the ElementIQ blog for helpful tips on social media marketing, and digital marketing strategies.




Carlos' First Week Blog Post

A Little Bit About Myself

Finding the right career can sometimes be frustrating. Not all of us have a clear idea of who we will become after our studies. Figuring out on what we will be working on for the rest of your life can be intimidating. How are we supposed to identify the field of our career? Are we supposed to try everything out and work in every industry?

My name is Carlos. I recently graduated from Trinity Western University with a BBA in Marketing and Design, and like most of you, I have asked all the questions above. When I started my studies at TWU I was certain I was going to become an accountant. One year later I learned about stocks and moved into finance. After completing a Summer Internship in Finance, I realized I wasn't meant for the industry, so decided to go back to school and specialize in marketing. My first marketing class was eye-opening. I questioned myself - what I had been doing with my life? Numbers were amazing, but creating stuff was awesome. Once I discovered I was a creative person I decided to enroll myself in various design courses and learn digital design, photography, and videography. I had never felt so at home, I was extremely excited that I finally found something I felt comfortable with, but most importantly something that I love to do. From that moment on, work was never really work.

My Perspective On Internships

After graduating from TWU I went to my home country, El Salvador. During my stay, I had the opportunity to complete a three-month internship at a local dental clinic (Orthoestetic Center). The internship focused on Social Media, and I was responsible for attracting possible prospects to the clinic. Throughout my internship at Orthoestetic, I learned how to use Facebook and Instagram paid ads to generate leads, something I had never done before. Internships are all about trying out new stuff, failing, succeeding, learning from our mistakes and most importantly, learning new things.

Personally, I believe that internships are what prepare us to be great, they provide guidance and help us identify our career. After my internship at Orthoestetic, I knew social media marketing and content creation was my thing, so decided to return to Canada and look for a full-time job.

Looking For A Job & My First Week As An Intern At ElementIQ

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Finding your first job is certainly harder than I expected. For a moment I questioned myself if I was doing something wrong, or even if my skills were not good enough. It was frustrating to see how most “entry-level jobs” were asking for two or more years of experience. Yes… two or more years for an entry-level job. Something impossible for someone that graduated four months ago. After realizing that almost every entry-level job asked for two or more years of experience, I decided to once again, gain more experience with a second internship. This time, I had the opportunity to join an amazing team at ElementIQ. Many of you will ask, why a second internship? To be completely honest, I asked the exact question myself. However, the internship at ElementIQ wasn’t simply an internship, it was the best internship I have heard of, certainly one of a kind. Asking myself if I wanted to once again be an intern was never a question.

Day One At ElementIQ: Onboarding

My internship at ElementIQ began on April 1st of 2019 at 10:00 AM. I had never been so excited about an internship or a new job. My first day was full of meeting team members, learning about daily meetings, learning about weekly meetings, being overwhelmed, and my favorite part of the day - eating tacos for lunch. I spent most of my day with Andrea (Project Manager at ElementIQ), who introduced me to what my four months of internship were going to look like. With Andrea, I learned about time management and daily planning. Essential skills that will be useful not only throughout my internship, but my whole career. By the end of my first day, I felt excited and driven to grow while being part of an amazing team.

Day Two At ElementIQ: First Huddle Meeting

Day two of my internship was full of learning about the culture at ElementIQ. My day started off with a daily meeting at 9:08 AM. Daily meetings at ElementIQ are called Huddles and happen through a video conference. Those who are present at the agency gather around a laptop and start a live meeting with those who are working remotely.  Daily Huddles happen every day and start exactly at 9:08 AM. They exist to bring the team together and provide everyone with clear daily goals. Huddles follow a specific structure:

Wins - work-related and personal accomplishments of our previous day. Each team member shares a big win on a task they were working on the day before.

Blockers - reminders that call for immediate action on other team members that are preventing you from moving forward on a project or completing a task. Blockers are not used to call anyone out, but instead, serve as reminders to work on a task and speed up project completion.

Big Rocks - big tasks or projects you will be working on during that specific day. 

Chatter - open discussion of things happening at ElementIQ.

Share - a team member shares something with the team, usually a quote or something relevant to the agency or clients.

The rest of my day was full of meetings with different team members and learning more about their role at the agency and the roles they play with clients. Before the end of the day, I had a photoshoot with camera experts Stivian and Greg. We had lots of fun shooting and playing with lighting and cameras. Overall, an amazing day.

Day Three At ElementIQ: First Remote Day

Before joining ElementIQ, I had been working on some freelance projects where I would spend most of my time working from home. Despite the fact that I had already worked from home, my first remote day was still something new and felt somewhat different.

Remote days also start off with a Daily Huddle at 9:08 AM. To be honest, I was quite nervous for my first remote Daily Huddle. Unlike Daily Huddles at the office where all team members gather around one laptop, this time it would be more like a video conference with nine different members.

After my first remote daily Huddle, I worked on small tasks that different team members had assigned me the day before. My first remote day went really great, I had lots of fun working from home.

Day Four At ElementIQ: My First Small Project

As usual, day four started with our Daily Huddle. Team members shared their wins, blockers, big rocks and chatter. My fourth day at the agency was full of meetings with different members of the team. I met with Vikram to learn a little bit more about different accounts at the agency. I met with Joseph and learned how to properly use Teamwork, and finally, met with Stivian to work on my first small project. My first project consisted of opening social media accounts for a client and filling out the about us sections.

Getting involved with social channels for our clients was extremely exciting for me. In my interview, I mentioned I enjoyed working on social media platforms and creating content. Having the opportunity to get hands on was my highlight of the day.

Every Thursday we have a weekly meeting at the agency. Weekly meetings start at 4:00 PM and run until 5:00 PM. They are split into two main sections.

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Weekly Win - similar to wins for our Daily Huddles, we all share a big win for our week.

Numbers - We all share number-related accomplishments, such as increasing engagement by 70% on Instagram for a client.

4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Deep Dive - a team member is in charge of conducting a thirty-minute presentation and activity of their liking. Ideally, both the presentation and activity should be related to improving the work we do at the agency.

Day four was really busy for me. However, right after the meeting I stayed and spent time bonding with the team and having fun playing ping pong.

Day Five At ElementIQ: Last Day Of First Week

Day five was a slower day. After our usual remote daily Huddle, I worked on adding my own tasks on Teamwork for the upcoming weeks. I also planned my meetings for the coming week and got used to using Google Calendar. After adding all my tasks and updating my calendar, I started brainstorming ideas for my first blog post. Later, I spent time getting to know more about our clients. I went over all our clients’ profiles, websites and social accounts.

My first week at ElementIQ as an intern was a unique experience. I learned lots of new things and made new friends. I am extremely excited to learn and grow with an amazing team.

Three Tips For Your Next Internship

As I mentioned before, there are countless reasons why internships are important. However, as interns, we have to be prepared to make the best out of such opportunities. After looking back over my first week as an intern, I came up with three tips that will guide and help you make the best out of your first or next internship.

Don’t Be Too Scared And Nervous

Losing sleep the day before your internship or feeling sick on your commute to your first day is unstoppable. Getting rid of such feelings is quite impossible. Sometimes, starting a new position can be intimidating and scary, making us act nervously and not think straight. The couple of hours before starting your first day will certainly be full of feelings, however, once you meet your new coworkers and settle down, you will feel more at home. Despite our nature to worry about the unknown, try not to be too nervous and too scared. Try to remain calm and confident. Remaining calm will actually help you to get to know your coworkers in a better way, and will help you to retain important information. Don’t forget to enjoy your first day, have fun and be the best you.

Make The Most Out Of Everything

Internships provide us with the opportunity to learn and grow. We can learn as much as we allow ourselves to learn. Internships will be full of challenges that push us to do things. Take on those challenges, even if you feel you aren't fully prepared. Internships are made for us to learn from what went well or wrong. By trying, you will grow and develop new skills. Take every challenge and opportunity that comes your way, always be open minded and shine!

Be Confident In What You Have To Offer

Don’t be afraid of showing off your skills. New knowledge and skills are what agencies and companies need. Showing off your skills and contributing will make your experience better, but most importantly it will show your potential and the things you can accomplish. Feeling intimidated by the advanced skills that experienced coworkers offer is understandable. However, by not trying/failing and learning, you are limiting your learning experience. Never doubt yourself and be confident in your skills.


Internships are a unique learning experience. As an intern, make the most out of such learning experience. I have no words to describe my first week at ElementIQ. I was inspired to learn and grow, the culture at ElementIQ encourages me to always be my best. I am excited to be part of an amazing team and really look forward to what the future holds.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” (Anthony J. D’angelo)