7 Benefits Of A Co-Working Space

Karmen Clark
June 21, 2017

Wave goodbye to cramped office spaces and claustrophobic cubicles. The traditional workspace is becoming an outdated thing of the past.

There’s a new player in the game and it’s a glamorous, new alternative to what used to be the standard “office.”

Bean bag chairs and hammocks replace the traditional lunch room. You can write on the walls in your next board meeting as you drift in and out of the shared desks, or switch to standing desks during the work day.

Co-working spaces are taking over the classic office archetype. They infuse life and youth into a rigid construction of the past.

Everyone in your company can benefit from the many unique aspects of a shared space environment.

1) Join A Community And Get Collaborative

The nature and layout of most co-working spaces naturally promote a highly social atmosphere.

Several different specialists from any number of fields fill the workplace.

This means you have immediate access to a variety of talented professionals working around you.

You have an unmatched opportunity to expand and collaborate within your network. This leads to faster, more effective, and successful work.

The benefits of such a dynamic setup are entirely unique to co-working spaces. Make time to get to know the people within your workspace!

2) Increased Freedom

Your shared space may have the general 9-5 administrative hours. However, you don’t need to be in the office during the stated times.

Most co-working spaces allow their clients access to come in and out freely. You may need a special access key or certain permissions, however, these are normally discussed when you join the space.

This means that you can show up to work at 2 pm and start your day if that’s what is most convenient for you. Co-working spaces make it easy to work within the hours that fit your schedule.

You have a higher level of mobility in a shared space. You also have increased freedom in the sense that you do not have to worry about long and intricate office leases.

If you are new to an office setting and do not want to commit to a year's worth of rent in a traditional workspace, a co-working space is an ideal solution.

Rental plans can be month to month which makes it easy to accommodate professionals with all kinds of budgets and schedules.

3) Opportunity For Entrepreneurs And Startups

Co-working spaces are an exceptional place to start if you are a smaller sized company, working as a freelancer or an entrepreneur. You may not need the space of an entire office if you are working alone.

You’ll be immediately connected with a like-minded group of people, with resources that you may not have had while working on your own.

If you are a freelance worker or solo founder of your company, you can still enjoy the social aspects of coming to work every day. When you are working alone or out of your house, it can be easy to get distracted or feel lonely.

In a shared space, you have no need to worry about feelings of isolation. If there are days where you need a more secluded office space, many co-working companies have private rooms available for booking as well.

4) Shared Resources

With co-working spaces, there is no need to worry about the more minute details of running your office. Everyday necessities like coffee, printers, projectors, monitors, scanners, composting and general cleaning are included when you join the space.

You will also not be in need of administrative staff as there is usually a talented manager or administrative assistant to manage the front desk of the co-working space.

You’ll have the motivation and resources to pursue your goals with a more communal and inspiring atmosphere.

5) Get Things Done

There’s no need to worry about getting distracted or daydreaming. You may think that a shared workplace would be loud or make it difficult to focus on your work. Yet, it is the complete opposite.

It can be very motivational to look around and watch other professionals hard at work. In a co-working space, everyone is focused on getting their work done.

Your productivity, as a result, will go up in these inspiring environments. It gives you the incentive to keep up and maintain a nose to the grindstone work ethic for the duration of your day.

It can be incredibly helpful when you feel part of a productive office space. You can sit back and really focus on getting work done, as your peers do the same.

6) Get Involved In Clubs Or Extracurricular Activities

Many co-working spaces actively promote a sense of community and belonging for all of their members.

There are plenty of chances to mingle and network in group meetings and events.

There are often clubs to join and office events that you may not have the chance to partake in while working alone.

You get to feel like a part of a team, even if they are not co-workers within your company.

Whether it’s an outdoor BBQ or a meet and greet social, you can't ignore the collaborative aspect of coworking. It seeks to improve the well-being of its members and promote a sense of interconnectedness.

7) Optimal Locations

Co-working spaces are a relatively new concept and have only really started becoming prominent in recent years. They are quickly taking hold however and are appealing for their dynamic, liberating nature.

Old office spaces become a thing of the past with the progressive style of working that shared spaces promote.

They are cost-effective and allow for a large group of people from vastly different sectors and backgrounds, to collaborate and learn from each other.

The open concept offices inspire, rather than confine their occupants. Many shared space offices are popping up in urban, city areas, where there is a high demand for office space.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses have the opportunity to work in city centers rather than from home.

CMPNY for example, a co-working space in BC, Canada, actively cultivates a progressive atmosphere within its two central locations in Burnaby and Coquitlam.

It gives people from all over the world the opportunity to work in the heart of the city.

See For Yourself

Co-working spaces introduce a completely new and innovative way of working. They are perfect for freelance workers, consultants, small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.

They are often situated in desirable, high-traffic, urban areas, and allow smaller companies a central location base

Occupants gain all aspects of a traditional office space, with the added benefit of a modern, liberating take on the traditional setup.

Let us know what you think about co-working spaces. Share your experiences in the comments below.

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