Taryn’s Week of Firsts as a Digital Marketing Intern


In 2012, I had a big choice to make: head to university or move to Canada for the adventure of a lifetime. I bravely chose the latter. After some hard-work and saving in 2013, I packed my bags and said bye to my friends and family in the UK for 1 year. The original 1 year turned out to be 3 and a half and included living in and travelling to various countries.

The time I had taken away from school really allowed me to discover where my passions were and where I wanted to end up. I knew I wanted to go back to school and live in Vancouver, the rest I would figure out along the way.

A couple of months into university in 2017, I realized my dream of becoming a digital marketer. If you’re on this blog post, you’re probably considering this yourself. That means you probably know that the path to getting a career in digital marketing isn’t as simple as saying you want to do it and then getting it done.

Most entry-level positions require 1-2 years of experience and a wealth of subject knowledge. I knew to get ahead I would have to find someone willing to take a chance on this self-confessed digital marketing nerd with a desire to learn.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash


With COVID-19 just ramping up here on the West Coast, I was just about giving up on my hopes of securing digital marketing work experience over the summer. Then stepped in Sam and the team at ElementIQ. It was late one Wednesday afternoon when I came across them on Instagram.

I immediately checked out their website and saw that they were a digital marketing agency in Vancouver, who actively hired interns. I sent a quick message asking if there were any opportunities and got invited to send an application through their website. Was this fate? Excited to find out, I eagerly sent my resume and cover letter through.

A couple of Zoom interviews later, I was invited to join ElementIQ’s small but mighty team as a remote intern, alongside another successful applicant. Here is how my first week unfolded:

Day One - My First Day

Nervous and excited to start my first remote day at ElementIQ, I logged on to Zoom at 10:00am to meet with Andrea and Patricia (the intern I would be working alongside).

The day began with Andrea introducing us to all the tools that they use to communicate and create efficiency. We set up our company emails and got acquainted with Teamwork, Slack, and general practices that the team uses to organize themselves. It’s fair to say that my head was spinning and I knew I would need to get hands-on practice to get used to these tools.

Andrea then told us that she had arranged for us to have 1 on 1’s with each team member. This was daunting at first but I quickly realized how friendly and supportive the team was. Even though we are only able to connect virtually right now, I really appreciated getting the chance to know everyone individually, as well as what makes each of them tick,

Day Two - My First Daily Huddle

Tuesday began with my first 15-minute daily huddle. Each team member takes turns to share their wins, blockers (external things that are preventing them from moving forward) and big rocks (tasks) for the day.

A team member then shares a quote or something interesting they have found and this morning was no different. Brendan shared this quote with us:

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.”

This perfectly foreshadowed the week of learning I had ahead of me. It motivated and inspired me to begin another day of soaking all the new information in.

Photo by Bobby Burch on Unsplash


On Tuesday afternoon, we got to take a deeper look into how Teamwork is used effectively to organize tasks between team members. Having the hands-on practice that I had yearned for allowed me to get to grips with the system. As a lover of lists, I knew I was going to enjoy this platform and the way it allows users to organize collaborative projects.

Day Three - My First Client Introductions

By now you may have guessed that Day 3 was full of a lot of learning opportunities. Today was spent taking a deeper look into ElementIQ’s clients; from the prospecting and the initial onboarding process, right through to the creation of client strategy.

In the afternoon, we then got to dive into all the different elements of digital marketing with Andrea. We covered SEO, web development, and social media to name a few. My inner nerd took over and I was lapping up all the information with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas. We discussed how each different channel plays its part in bringing a client's business into the forefront of their customers’ minds. We also analyzed previous campaigns allowing us to get an idea of what ElementIQ is capable of.

This was by far, one of my favourite sessions in my jam-packed week. It further reiterated my passion for the world of digital marketing and all the possibilities that lie within it.

Day Four - My First Weekly Meeting

Thursday was spent taking a first look at account management and what it takes to be a good account manager. I learned that there are certain skills that can make a good account manager a great one! Such as; communication, organization, strong industry experience, and a thirst for knowledge and new ideas. All of which I hope to build on during my internship.

Each Thursday, the ElementIQ team gets together for a weekly meeting. During the meeting, they discuss the previous week and then a team member hosts a deep dive into a topic of their choice. As this was the first weekly meeting for us new interns, the team went easy on us and we enjoyed a roundtable where each member got to sum up their 1:1 meetings and snippets they had discovered about each other.

Themed Meetings

In order to keep creativity high while working from home, the team has also implemented weekly dress up themes for the meetings. This week's theme was ‘Unda Da Sea’ derived from characters related to Little Mermaid. I had fun raiding my closets for 15 minutes before the meeting and getting ready to showcase my new found self as Flounder. However, I was outrageously outdone by Lincoln, who had cleverly turned himself into Ariel with items he had around the house.

As a person who grew up playing competitive sports, I have a natural desire to win. I did not take this defeat lightly and I am looking forward to getting another go at claiming the title of ‘best dressed’ next week!

Zoom meets Little Mermaid

Day Five - My First Shadow

In most cases, employees longingly count the days to Friday and the beginning of their weekend. However, I’d had so much fun and enjoyed all the learning I had experienced over the last week. I can honestly say, a week has never gone faster for me.

On Day 5, our morning was spent hearing about ElementIQ’s humble beginnings from Sam. We learned how they had scored their first client and built lasting relationships with strong forces in the industry.

A solid foundation that attracts an expert team that continuously produces quality work.

In the afternoon, I had the opportunity to independently explore all the tools and processes that we had experienced throughout the week. This time was beneficial, as someone who learns by doing, I really got to hone in and practice everything we had been taught, ready for the following week.

I was also invited to my first shadow session where I got to listen in on a brainstorming session for an email campaign for a client. I really appreciated that the team had thought about how to include me and provide valuable education opportunities, even while operating remotely.

The week was wrapped up by completing a personality test. This is an enjoyable and remarkable initiative that can give greater insight into how a team can work best together. My results were ridiculously accurate. Having a better understanding of myself will allow me to work with my strengths throughout the internship.

More Firsts to Come

As an avid traveler, I am always seeking firsts. Whether that be the chance to travel to a new place for the first time or learn something new. Even just 5 days into my internship, I know this desire will be filled at ElementIQ.

Being able to score an internship where the company invests in your learning as much as you do, makes me feel incredibly lucky. The organization and commitment to adding value for interns is clear to see in just a few short days. On Teamwork, I can see the roadmap that is laid out ahead of me.

If you need me in the next couple of months, my time will be spent nerding up on SEO, graphic design, web development, analytics, and social media marketing. Oh, and trying to earn that coveted ‘best dressed’ award!

Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash


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These rankings are especially important for brick and mortar businesses - ones that serve customers on-site, at a specific location. Businesses that are significantly impacted by Google Map rankings include restaurants, medical clinics, salons and spas, just to name a few.

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Using Social Media to Rebuild Trust with Your Customers

Social media usage has skyrocketed globally during the COVID-19 pandemic. This rapid shift to digital media prompted businesses to adapt and find ways to communicate with their customers and prospective clients online, rather than in person. As government restrictions begin to lift, and businesses begin to re-open, it is essential to share updates with followers on social media. 

As a business owner, you may be wondering ‘how do I communicate new office hours, restrictions, and new rules to followers?’ Many companies have turned to social media to alert their followers about updates to their business. There are several ways to send the message out, and we suggest experimenting with multiple social channels to determine what works best for your business. 

Determine Your Message 

It is important to outline a clear message of what you want to convey to your customers before you post on social media. Ask yourself: “What are we doing to adapt to the current situation?” “What steps are we taking to keep our staff and customers safe?”

For example: if you're a dental clinic, do you need patients to come in with a mask in order to attend them? 

It is essential to be transparent with your clients and let them know what has changed and what to expect. You can use social media to inform patients about your weekly schedule, things they need to bring, and any precautionary measures you are taking during this time. 

Create or Update your Social Accounts

There have been many changes going on during COVID-19 and several are actually quite positive. Businesses that previously did not have social media accounts have created them to share updates and information with customers. We highly suggest you create social media accounts for your business if you haven’t already. Here are the key social channels that every business should have in 2020: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin. 

Communicate Updates on Social Media  

Once your social media account is set up and you have customized it to your business, it’s time to get started and share your message with your customers. 

Publish a Welcome Video

In a time of social isolation, social media has become an incredibly important source for digital, social interaction. An excellent way to put your customers at ease and share information ‘face to face’ is by posting a video update on your social media channels regarding your new operating hours, rules, and restrictions your clients must follow. 

You will immediately establish a connection with your following and you mimic an in-person interaction, which will come as a welcome change to isolation. Face to face interaction helps to rebuild trust with your customers during this time. If you have never filmed a video to post on social media before, we have some helpful tips to get you started. Visit our blog to learn the “8 Best Practices for Recording Videos With or Without Professional Equipment.”

Go Live

In a similar vein to video, you can use Facebook and Instagram stories to communicate with your customers. Leverage stories to update them about your changes or if you are open. Instagram and Facebook stories appear at the top of your users' screen when they are posted, so you get their attention right away. 

You can also use the stories platform to ‘go live’ on Facebook and Instagram. Your stories do not need to be overly complicated. Check out the examples of two Instagram stories we created for a local restaurant below for ideas: 

Instagram stories

You can also go live on Facebook and Instagram to talk directly to your customers. Let them know you are there and that you are doing your best. Use Facebook and Instagram lives to update customers about changes your business is undergoing or updated for opening dates. It is an easier way to share lots of information all at once. If you are unsure about how to go live, both Facebook and Instagram make it very straightforward to do. Here are their how-to steps “How to go live on Facebook and Instagram.”

Publish Updates Directly to your Feed

Once you have a clear message you want to convey, you can share it as a post on all of your social media channels as well. Below are some examples of what your message might look like: 

Post Updates if you are Open - “We are now open! These are the measures we are currently taking...call to book appointments...we will be doing health assessments before you enter our premises (temperature)...use a mask”

Post Updates if you Aren’t Open Yet - “We are currently closed to ensure the safety of our customers, however, we are expecting to open on such and such date. Keep an eye out for updates...sign-up here if you want to receive our updates.” 

Dental Facebook post

Update Your Bio Information 

Your bio is the first thing your clients will see when they visit your social media profiles. It’s essential to keep your profile up to date during this time. That way, new clients visiting your page will be aware of your current situation. Be sure to update your bio information on each of your social media profiles to ensure that your message is consistent across platforms. Check out the example below: 

Instagram Bio

Likewise, if you are not opening yet make sure you let customers know what you are doing to provide your services remotely. This could be through virtual consultations or by offering delivery services - be sure to inform them in your bio.

Dental Facebook post

Pro-Social Media Tip from ElementIQ 

As a team of Digital Marketers, we have been working to keep our clients’ social media profiles up-to-date with new information regarding COVID related changes. Here is our key pro-tip when it comes to social media; it allows you to share more information with your clients, all in one place. 

Linkin for Instagram 

At ElementIQ we have started implementing LinkIn Bio’s for instagram accounts. It’s a new way for Instagram profiles to share organic content on Instagram. Instagram limits businesses to share links on their platform. Links shared on posts are not clickable and they limit you to one link on your bio. LinkIn Bio allows businesses to share links to website blogs, YouTube videos, service pages, pretty much anything. This is done through a Landing Page that users can access through your Instagram Bio. 

Linkin Instagram Profile

Linkin Instagram images

In the end, it is important to experiment and determine what your users respond to. If you find that you get the most engagement on Facebook, consider focusing your efforts on that platform. Or, if you have a high YouTube following, that would be the place to target your message. If you have any questions about social media marketing, the team at ElementIQ is also always ready to help. 

Contact ElementIQ for More Information 

Whether you are just getting started with social media, or you are an industry expert, now is the time to be using social media to build trust with your customers. ElementIQ has helped several companies pivot, adapt, and thrive during this time, and social media marketing has played a large role in making this possible. 

Our team of Marketing Specialists are committed to helping your business grow and prosper during this time of uncertainty. If you are interested in learning more about what social media management can do for your business, give us a call or contact us for a digital consultation. 

How to Re-Open Your Business Post-COVID

Restrictions are lifting as we move into phase two of COVID-19. It is an exciting time, with a hint of normalcy in sight, however, it is also important to keep health and safety in mind. There is no doubt that many things have changed during this pandemic. Now, some businesses are allowed to gradually re-open, with restrictions. As a business owner, it is important to communicate with your clients and let them know about your new policies, office hours, and health measures you have in place to ensure their safety.  

We have created some helpful tips to communicate your message in a friendly way and keep your clients informed. Customers will feel more at ease coming to visit your business when they know what to expect. Of course, all businesses will differ in protocol and requirements, and naturally, this global situation is constantly evolving. This is a general outline that can be adapted to and modified for your unique field. 

Send out the Message 

Your clients are likely waiting to hear updates about your hours, availability, and new guidelines. As soon as you decide to re-open, it’s a great idea to send out the message. Let your clients know you’re ready for them.  

A fast and simple way to market your business is through email marketing and social media updates. Send out an email to your subscribers and update your social media channels with a consistent message, directing your clients to call and book an appointment. Be proactive and get the message out as soon as you know you’re re-opening. 

Advanced Scheduling 

Once you’ve let everyone know you are open, it’s essential you prepare for high demand. Whether you are a dental clinic, salon, or restaurant, you can expect an influx of customers. 

Many peoples’ lives cannot be fully put on hold and things like dental health, haircare, and dining out have simply been postponed, rather than canceled entirely. This means that there may be an influx of clients looking to book with you. Put yourself in their shoes and understand that they have been patient, waiting for your reopening. 

A great way to stay organized and keep your clients happy is to use an advanced scheduling platform. There are some businesses, like gyms and walk-in clinics that have come out with apps, where a client can book a timeslot in advance. This is an excellent idea, but for those looking for a more simple solution, there are many existing platforms that can make scheduling easy. For example, Calendly is a free appointment scheduling software that allows clients to see your availability and book with you in a simple email. 

In-Office Screenings 

If your place of business is open and receiving customers, it is a good idea to have a member of staff available to perform customer screenings. This person should ask your customers about whether or not they have experienced any COVID symptoms recently. In some fields, you may even be required to check clients for fevers before entry. It’s best to communicate with your clients beforehand if you are doing in-office screenings and temperature checks so that they know what to expect when they arrive. 

Increase Cleaning 

As mentioned in the Times Colonist’s business guide to re-opening “the main safety issues revolve around the general principles of maintaining distance, not just between workers but with members of the public as well. The principles also include good sanitation and hygiene, cleaning, and rethinking business practices.” 

Thorough cleanings are an essential part of re-opening your business during phase two. Cleanings should be performed multiple times throughout the day. It is suggested that professional cleaning crews clean high traffic areas after hours. 

Reduced Hours

Many companies are re-opening with reduced office hours. This gives staff the opportunity to clean thoroughly in-between scheduling and it allows for reduced staff on-site; which improves social distancing. Operating at reduced hours may seem tedious at first, but it is a very effective way to ensure a clean, safe, and sanitary work environment. 

Personal Protective Equipment  Personal protective equipment

The Government of Canada encourages the use of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE such as gloves and masks at work. Although medical-grade PPE should be reserved for healthcare workers and related industries, PPE is a great way to protect yourself, your employees, and your clients. 

Use PPE if your employees must work within close proximity. Due to the shortage of PPE, it’s acceptable to make your own masks and homemade devices, given you understand the limitations involved. 

Increased Distance 

One of the most important aspects of re-opening your business is ensuring both your customers and your employees are a safe distance apart. WorkSafe BC suggests: “Consider reducing the overall number of workers at the workplace at one time. This may be done by implementing work-from-home schedules or rescheduling some work tasks.”

Depending on your industry, this may mean moving desks apart, having fewer people on staff at once, or monitoring those coming and going. Either way, you must ensure that your customers and employees are a safe distance apart (2 meters). If closer proximity is required, install physical barriers such as plexiglass. Promote the use of masks and other forms of PPE to prevent the spread of germs and particles. 

Be Sure Employees are Up-to-Date

It’s so important for you to ensure your staff is up-to-date with regards to your COVID policies. If you are operating with reduced hours, ensure all employees understand their schedule and follow social distance requirements while working. Have a clear COVID safety plan outlined to share with your employees.

You can meet with your staff digitally; have them share their concerns and ideas regarding operations and sanitation upon re-opening. It’s a great way to ensure everyone in your business is on the same page. 

Display Your Safety Plan

As noted by WorkSafe BC  “before reopening, businesses need to ensure they have a COVID-19 safety plan to protect workers and it must be displayed.” Your safety plan does not have to be fancy, it simply must be clear and easy to understand. It should be posted in a place where both your customers and employees can easily see and reference it. 

Stay Up-To-Date with the News

This situation is constantly evolving and now more than ever, it is essential to pay attention to the news and updates regarding COVID. There are many helpful online resources that can help you stay up to date with general and industry-specific guidelines. 

Get More Advice from ElementIQ 

The team at ElementIQ has worked remotely throughout the COVID pandemic to ensure businesses are equipped with the information and technology they need to pivot and succeed. If you have any questions about marketing your business during this time, our team of experts is here to help. Whether it’s an email marketing campaign, social media strategy, or website redesign; we want to help you get ahead in this time of unprecedented change. Contact us or call 604.909.3750 to see what we can do for your business. 


Re-opening Marketing Checklist

Many businesses are getting ready to re-open as COVID-19 restrictions around the world begin to lift. This is excellent news for many as both customers and owners are excited about getting back to some version of normalcy. Naturally, it won’t exactly be ‘business as usual’ for many companies. Client and employee safety is still incredibly important and many companies have updates that they need to share with their customers. 

With reduced hours, personal protective gear, limits on occupancy, and social distancing measures still in place, it is vital to communicate your company's new policies to your clients. Marketing plays a vital role in communicating this new information. There are many different ways in which you can utilize marketing resources to let people know that you are reopening. 

Here is a quick checklist to be sure your reopening goes as smoothly as possible. 

1) Update your Social Media Channels 

As you may have noticed, social media has played a powerful role during this period of isolation. Many people have turned to social media to interact with family and friends and keep up to date with what is going on in the world. 

Many companies have also made use of this rapid shift to social interaction online and pivoted their marketing to cater to the digital world. Clients use social media as a way to get information and updates about their favorite local businesses. 

One of the first things on your marketing checklist should be to update all of your social media profiles and let your clients know that you are re-opening. It’s best to act early and let your followers know as soon as you plan to re-open. There are several excellent ways to spread the message on social media, here are some ideas to get you started: 

All businesses are different so it is important to target your message and focus on the social media channels that are most effective for you and your followers. 

2) Update your Google My Business Profile ElementIQ Google My Business Profile

Your Google Business Profile is a free resource that Google provides. It lets you appear on Google Search and Google Maps. As a business owner, you can customize your profile and add up-to-date information for those searching for your company. 

It’s your digital, local business listing online. Log in to your Google My Business profile and add your updated hours, and update your COVID-19 post. 

When clients search your business name, your profile will show with up to date information, so they will know you have reopened.

3) Send Out an Email Campaign 

Your mailing list is an excellent way to alert your followers and let them know that you are open. The best way to do this is to set up a series of emails that inform your customers of any new policies you have regarding health and safety, as well as new operating hours. 

Make sure to add a call-to-action at the end of the email - it can be to call you, buy/book online, or to take advantage of a special offer 

If you are unsure about how to get started, you can learn “How to Create a Great Email Marketing Campaign” for new ideas and guidance. 

4) Update your Website

Your customers will visit your website to learn more about your operating hours, book appointments, and send general inquiries. If you previously created a pop-up, a banner, and/or a site page devoted to your COVID-19 message, you should update the content there. 

This will let people know that you are open and ready for business. It is also the perfect place to share in-depth details about your new operating hours and policies that your clients must follow when they visit you. 

5) Use Outdoor Signage Outdoor Sign

If you have a storefront in a high-traffic area, you can use a “we’re open” sign to let any local clients know you’re ready for business. 

A simple sign in the window can also go a long way, and it’s visible to both foot traffic, and those driving by. This is a small detail, however, it can make a big difference for certain businesses that rely on walk-ins and visitors walking by. 

6) Update Your Yelp Profile 

Lastly, just as you updated your Google My Business Profile, it is essential that you update any additional online company profiles you have. For many companies, this means updating your Yelp profile. Update your operating hours and the COVID-19 message on your Yelp profile to let users know the latest status regarding your business.

Yelp is a platform that often ranks quite high on Google when prospective clients search for product/service providers, so it is likely that your Yelp profile will show up when someone searches your company online. It’s therefore important to have your Yelp profile updated and informative. 

Overview: Your Marketing Checklist

Contact ElementIQ for Marketing Support 

ElementIQ is here to support you and assist with any questions you may have about marketing your business during this time. We have helped many businesses pivot their marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic

Contact us to book a digital consultation with our team and learn about how you can go above and beyond to stand out and market your business as restrictions begin to lift.